Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Island

Bannerman's Lost in the Hudson Castle began to build in 1901 on the island of Pollepel. It was planned to place a summer residence within its walls, but later the castle became an armory. He belonged Francis Bannerman VIwho collected weapons and ammunition. Keeping such dangerous items in New York, where he lived with his family, was unwise. This prompted Frank to transport weapons, guns with gunpowder and other ammunition out of town. Also hidden on the island were priceless relics, such as a chain located across the river at West Point during the Revolution to protect ships, a table owned by General Washington, and arctic equipment that Admiral Perry used on his expedition to the North Pole.

A huge number of travelers tried to get to the island. But access was denied by armed guards with guard dogs for security reasons.

The owner of the castle, Frank Bannerman VI, was a Scottish patriot very proud of his descent from one of the few survivors. McDonald's. For 17 years, Frank Bannerman personally designed buildings, docks, turrets, garden walls and moats in the style of old Scottish castles. Almost all of this was done without the professional help of architects and engineers. Bannerman Castle was no exception.

Francis died in 1918 without completing the building. After 2 years, Bannerman's castle turned into ruins: about 200 tons of shells and gunpowder detonated near the building, destroying a significant part of it.

The family gun business operated until the 1970s, but from a warehouse in Long Island. In 1967, the Bannerman family sold the castle to New York State, and in 1969 there was a fire in the castle.

Whether it was deliberate arson or the result of a lightning strike is unknown.

Jane Campbell, who was the wife of the grandson of Frank Bannerman, in the last years of her life was actively engaged in the restoration of an abandoned castle. The decision was made to open the park to visitors on the island by restoring 5 of the 7 buildings. But work on the castle never began. Bannerman has remained an impressive abandoned building on a desert island overgrown with poison ivy.

Travelers, despite the rapid destruction of the stone walls of the castle, are trying to get to the island and touch the amazing abandoned. But the old broken facade of the castle skillfully hides from human eyes, relying on “crutches”.


Pollepel Island, Fishkill, NY 12508, USA


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