Inconclusive - one of the most favorite cities among tourists and residents Belarus. Of course, people come here mainly to admire Palace of the Radziwills, but there are other iconic places in the city. Right here, just a few steps from Farny Church, located Castle tower in Nesvizh. The tower, which has retained its original appearance and authentic appearance, is worthy of attention.

Castle tower in Nesvizh

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Nesvizh Tower (often called “Urban“) was built to protect the city and was the main building that closed the castle wall.

Farny Church in Nesvizh Belarus

It was built at the end of the XNUMXth century. The tower managed to survive several wars and upheavals, with little to no damage.

The city tower in Nesvizh was built with elements of Renaissance and Gothic architecture. The three-tier structure has a square shape and a tiled roof. Each tier is distinguished by openings of various shapes and sizes. They are made in the form of various squares, arches and ovals.

castle tower Nesvizh

The Nesvizh tower was reconstructed and today pleases tourists with a bright combination of red brick and whitewashed cornices and frames.

Castle "City" tower in Nesvizh

Interesting fact: a similar tower is located in the village Chernavchitsy, which belonged to the Radziwills.

Attractions in the city of Nesvizh

The castle tower in Nesvizh is located on Mickiewicz Street, it is easy to find:

Another unique tower on the territory Nesvizh is gate-bell tower the former monastery of the Benedictines. More sights of Belarus on the map.

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