One of the most interesting sights of the Drogichinsky district is located in the village Zakozel and it chapel-tomb of the Ozheshko family. For quite a long time, this architectural monument arrived in an abandoned form, but a few years ago its reconstruction began. Therefore, it is quite possible that the village of Zakozel will soon become a popular tourist destination.

Neo-Gothic tomb of Orzeszko in Zakozel

Zakozel - history

It's hard to believe, but the first written mention of these places dates back to the end of the 13th century. However, Zakozel became most famous when it was owned by representatives of the genus Ozheshko (Orzheshko). One of the brightest representatives of which is Eliza Ozheshko, well known from the school course of Belarusian literature. A writer who often visited these places and whose name is one of the streets in the village. (and also in Grodno)

Tomb of Ozheshko in the village of Zakozel

Chapel in the village of Zakozel

Orzeszko owned Zakozel from the first half 18th century to 1893. During this period, the estate has seen both dawns and sad times. The family tomb was built in 1839 year (in some sources 1849), below there is a lithograph on which you can see how the building looked originally.

old photo of the tomb in Zakozel
Lithograph by Maximilian Faience mid 19th century

 Architecture, legend and hard fate

The uprising of 1863 greatly changed Orzeszko's way of life. For participation and assistance to the rebels, many representatives of a noble family suffered. Some were exiled, some were deprived of their lands and titles. Zakozel was not confiscated, but the estate began to decline. In 1867, by decision of the authorities, the family tomb was closed, having previously destroyed the altar.

photo zakozel


The chapel itself is a unique object for territory of Belarus. It is made of light brick in Neo-Gothic architecture, but with Gothic elements. The building is square in shape, with gabled gabled roofs and pinnacles along the edges.

Tomb before reconstruction. Photo courtesy of envato

The chapel is located in the park, on a small hill. The entrance inside is distinguished by a portal, above which are the emblematic cartouches of Ozheshko. The triangular pediment is decorated with small arched windows of various shapes, and the walls are richly decorated with niches.

Zakozel Drogichinsky district

Neo-Gothic tomb of Orzeszko in the village of Zakozel

Architect of the chapel in the village of Zakozel - Frantisek Jascholdwho worked on Palace of the Puslovskys in Kossovo.

Tomb in the village of Zakozel

It is interesting that when the estate was sold Countess Bobrinsky (with it built distillery) an agreement was signed under which the tomb was forbidden to be rebuilt and used for third-party purposes.

Photo tomb in the village of Zakozel
photo inside before reconstruction

In Soviet times, the chapel was abandoned, and the first modest attempts to restore order were made in 1993. However, the building continued to deteriorate. After archaeological excavations in 2008, an estimate was drawn up and even a plan for restoration work. The active phase of the restoration was able to start only after 10 years. Today, a certain result is already looming, which inspires hope.

Sights of Belarus - the tomb of Ozheshko

This chapel-tomb, with beautiful architecture, is located near the city Drogichin, the regional center of the Brest region. Finding a place is not difficult, just go to the very center of the village. Around the chapel there is a park and even a pond. There is a really charming atmosphere here, but the main thing is to catch good weather.

There are a couple of other worthwhile sights nearby. For example, partially restored estate Visloukhov и Church in Perkovichi.


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