The Yelnya Republican Nature Reserve today can be called one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belarus. People come here as actively as, for example, to Belovezhskaya Pushcha or Mir castle. Swamp Yelnya is a unique natural complex located in the Vitebsk region, most of it in the Miory and a little in the Sharkovshchinsky district.

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Swamp Yelnya

Yelnya is one of the largest high-peat bogs in Europe, its area is more than 20 thousand hectares. The swamp is home to many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The reserve is a complex system of peat bogs, lakes, streams and forests. On the territory of the natural complex, unique high-altitude swamps with characteristic “swamp islands” - hills with dry soil - have formed.

Swamps Yelnya

The reserve has special ecological trails and observation platforms for tourists and researchers. Yelnya attracts tourists with its unique nature, bird watching opportunities and picturesque landscapes.

Tourists at the Yelnya swamp

Amazing Yelnya, Belarus

The Yelnya Nature Reserve is not only an important natural site, but also part of the national heritage Belarus, demonstrating the beauty and uniqueness of our nature. The place allows everyone to touch untouched wild nature and appreciate its importance for the preservation of biological diversity and ecological balance.

Amazing Yelnya swamp

The complex is home to various species of birds, insects, mammals and reptiles. The swamp is especially valued for its avifauna; here you can find cranes, swans, white-tailed eagles and many other birds.

Cross spider Belarus

Eco-trail in the swamp in Yelnya

When is the best time to go to the Yelnya swamp?

When to visit depends on what you want to see and what experience you want to have.

Spring: The swamp comes to life after winter, the period of bird migration begins - an excellent time to watch them. Temperatures are becoming milder, but there may be swings and rainy weather.

Summer: The most popular season to visit the swamp. Nature is in full swing, many flowering plants. The weather is warm and pleasant, although some days can be hot. This is also a time to observe the diverse fauna of the marsh.

Autumn: attracts tourists with its picturesque landscapes and bright colors of autumn leaves. Temperatures are starting to drop, but the weather may still be comfortable for visiting. At this time you can also watch the migration of birds.

Winter: A less popular time to visit, but it offers a unique winter landscape experience. The swamp is covered with snow, and nature enters a state of peace. It is necessary to be well prepared for cold weather.

Unusual places in Belarus - Yelnya

General recommendations for those wishing to visit the reserve

If bird watching is your goal, the best time to visit is during the migration season in spring or fall. Summer is the best time to explore vegetation and enjoy the warm weather. A winter visit can be interesting for those who want to see the swamp in the snow, but requires good preparation and safety precautions. In any case, before visiting the Yelnya swamp, it is recommended to check the weather conditions and the characteristics of the visit during the selected period of time.

Yelnya Nature Reserve in Miory District

Excursions to the Yelnya swamp

Tourism to Yelnya is popular, so there are dozens of different excursion options. Starting from groups on a bus in a round-trip format and ending with complete immersion in the atmosphere: with rafting, overnight stays, difficult routes. Prices also vary from 70 to 450 rubles per person.

What does the Yelnya swamp look like?

The reserve is located in the Vitebsk region, located approximately 50 kilometers southwest of the city of Sharkovshchina and 15 kilometers west of the city Miory. Below is a point with the location of the entrance to the eco-trail territory:

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