Moving from Volozhin towards the urban village of Ivenets along a rather harsh dirt road, you can get to the territory abandoned sanatorium "Forest". This place is well known to lovers of outdoor activities, there is a popular parking lot nearby where rafting on Isloch starts.

Abandoned sanatorium Lesnoye

abandoned sanatorium
2016 year

A good tiled road leads to the abandoned sanatorium, and the building itself seems to be completely intact from afar.

Abandoned sanatorium in the village of Rudnya

But the closer you get to the building, the more obvious that it has long been abandoned. All the attributes are in place: broken windows and doors, graffiti, trees on the roof and so on.

Sanatorium Lesnoe photo

What is this abandoned building near Isloch

Decline Sanatorium "Forest" began after April 26, 1986, a well-known date in our history - the Chernobyl accident. Though Nalibokskaya Pushcha located a couple of hundred kilometers from the zone of infection, a radioactive spot (Caesium-137) has formed here. For this reason, the fate of the sanatorium was a foregone conclusion, but there are other versions of the closure according to which radiation has nothing to do with it.

abandoned sanatorium forest

True, according to some sources, the sanatorium continued to work until the mid-90s.

The building can be entered from any direction, all doors are open or broken. Once inside, you begin to involuntarily count how many years the Lesnoye sanatorium can already be abandoned and how long it can stand.

abandoned sanatorium forest

Walking through the building we find ourselves in the former dining room or banquet hall.

abandoned sanatorium forest
2016 year

There was a high ceiling and parquet floor, and behind the white decorative figures was the kitchen. The refrigeration equipment and the supply system still partially remained, everything else was looted.

Further flight to the second floor. Attention is drawn to the tile on the stairs - it's granite. Surely they tried to dismantle the plates several times, but no one succeeded.

Most of the living rooms appear in the same form - they managed to endure absolutely everything in them.

On the third floor, the floor is dangerous. It is difficult to say how many years the floors will withstand. Part of the side wall, along with the fire escape, has already collapsed.

Abandoned places in Belarus

Sanatorium Lesnoye, the main abandoned place in Belarus

Where is the abandoned sanatorium in Belarus

The resort itself is quite compact and is one large building. Nearby is a two-story brick building in which the attendants probably lived.

abandoned sanatorium forest

Abandoned sanatorium Lesnoye Rudnya

A small overview video of the abandoned Lesnoye sanatorium in 2016:

In the neighborhood of one of the most famous abandoned places in Belarus, there are ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estate. More interesting places on the map.

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