Our list abandoned places replenishes the inactive Nicosia International Airport. Not only locks и old estates may be doomed to decline. In July 2019, it will be 45 years since the airport in Nicosia was closed. The capital of Cyprus has not yet acquired a new “home” for aircraft and keeps echoes of past years in the form of an abandoned airport.

Now Nicosia Airport is located in the UN buffer zone and formally belongs to this organization. With her permission, in 1977, the last three aircraft of Cyprus Airways took off from here to ferry to British Airways.

abandoned airport cyprus

They built the Nicosia Airport with the support of Great Britain, 6 km from the capital. In the past, more than 800 people passed through the terminal at the same time. Today the building looks intimidating. It's the perfect place to shoot films about zombies and the apocalypse. The letters on the signboard have fallen off, the windows have been smashed out, the plaster on the walls has crumbled and bullet marks are visible. Inside, the airport looks no more attractive - broken chairs, garbage and the consequences of pigeons. Even the floors between floors and floors collapsed from the accumulation of rainwater.

nicosia airport

The territory is fenced with barbed wire. On the runways you can see abandoned ghost planes that were damaged during the war and left here for many years.

abandoned nicosia airportAmong them, the most popular object is the Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident, a fully automated aircraft that belonged to Britain.

abandoned planes

The main reason for the closure of the airport was the war. At the time when the Turkish troops invaded the capital, the flights were stopped. This decision was made in connection with the shelling of aircraft. The wreckage of the affected airliners is still scattered around the airport.

Getting inside Nicosia Airport and the surrounding area is almost impossible, but you can go on a virtual tour developed by Lemonimage.

If you are going to Cyprus and want to take a look at the airport with one eye, buy a ticket to Larnaca or the airport in the northern part of Cyprus - Ercan.

Photo source: Cyprus News Agency


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