If you talk about sights of Belarus, then in my opinion they can be conditionally divided into 3 types: "popular" - these include the most significant cultural sites and central historical sites of cities. For example, any tourist planning a trip to Belarus will definitely try to visit Mir Castle и Palace of the Radziwills, and having arrived at Minsk will not be able to bypass the Trinity Suburb. There are probably no more than 20-30 such really well-known sights in the country. The bulk is just made up of objects of the second type, let's call them “recommendations“. Most of the historical monuments and buildings with signs “Cultural heritage“. But we will dwell in more detail on the third group, the name for which is more difficult to choose. This includes all those objects whose fate is unknown, and their condition is deteriorating every year. Most of them are various ruins: churches, churches, synagogues, as well as manor complexes. This material contains Abandoned Estates of Belarus.

Manor Kotlubaev in the village of Yastrembel

It so happened that Manor of the Kotlubaev family, which is located near Baranovichi, was the first object of this type (meaning abandoned estates) that I visited.

kotlubaev usadba

There really is something extraordinary in this place and you can even say “cinematic”.

kotlubaev usadba posthyk info

Pavlinovo. Manor Bokhvitsey

The next item on our list is “Abandoned Estates of Belarus” is also located in the Brest region. In the village Pavlinovo preserved ruins of a neo-Gothic house named after Bochvitsej.

usadba bohvicei posthyk info

usadba bohvicei

poshyk info usadba bohvicei

Manor Tyszkiewicz "Vyaloe" (Rudnya)

An equally interesting place is located in the Volozhin district, Minsk region. Almost completely destroyed, but retaining the outlines of its former grandeur Manor of the Tyszkiewicz family.

trip to belarus

travel in belarus part 4

Manor-palace of the Slotvinskys in the village of Rovanichi.

One of the largest estate complexes in Belarus - Slotvinsky, located in the Cherven district, Minsk region.

Manor Slotvinsky

ruins of the Slotvinsky estate

Smilovichi. Moniuszko-Vankovichi Palace

Probably not quite right to include the estate under restoration in the list “abandoned“, but since one building is still a ruin, the list Palace-estate of Moniuszko-Vankovichi.

manyushko palace photo

Manyushko Smilovichi Palace


The estate of the Adadurovs “Belaya Dacha”

Minsk attraction - Manor of the Adadurovs. The main difference from all other estates in our list is safety. It's hard to say who to thank for this, but despite the status of "unused", "Belaya Dacha" looks great.

usadba adadurovih

usadba adadurovih zabroshka

Estate of Berezino, Count Potocki

Ruin the estate of Count Potocki in the city Berezino, Minsk region closes the first part of the list “Abandoned Estates of Belarus".

Manor Berezino

sights of Belarus

Manor Berezino photo

If you liked the material, then we also recommend the continuation - Abandoned Estates of Belarus. Part 2. Are you going on a trip? List useful apps for your journey.

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