Abandoned places in Minsk

Minsk is an amazing city with very interesting sights and a rich history, but for those who want to get to know our capital from the dark side, we have compiled a list of abandoned places that can surprise you no less than National Library. Abandoned places in Minsk, which poshyk.info discovered for myself and you throughout 2015.

porcelain factory in Minsk, Kropotkina 91 (demolished)

abandoned places in Minsk photo

Starting with the legendary porcelain factory on Kropotkin street. This place begins its “abandoned” history in 2009, after the official termination of the enterprise. Factory workshops were repeatedly tried to be sold through an auction, but the extremely high price did not interest potential investors.

abandoned places in Minsk

The territory of the former factory is now a kind of mecca for all adventurers, photographers and just homeless people.

Abandoned children's regional clinical hospital

It is very difficult to imagine a more terrible place in Minsk. Abandoned hospital on Brovki Street has become overgrown with legends and rumors, and even today the city does not know what to do with this building.

Abandoned club on Minin street (demolished)

club of silicate products

У abandoned club KSI There is a similar story with a porcelain factory - the club was planned to begin restoration in 2010, but for unknown reasons this idea was abandoned. Meanwhile, almost nothing remained of the architecturally attractive building.

abandoned Minsk on the map poshyk.info

Abandoned houses on Kabushkin street. (partially demolished)

The houses are within walking distance from the avenue.

abandoned places in Minsk poshyk.info

Somehow, while walking around Kabushkin Street, we accidentally stumbled upon an abandoned house, an absolutely typical two-story barrack of the 60-70s, which should be demolished. The abandonment did not evoke strong emotions, but walking down the street further, a whole abandoned quarter.

Former cinema Druzhba. (demolished)

Cinema Druzhba Minsk

Not far from Chizhovka-Arena was the building of the once popular cinema friendship, now turned into a haven for local alcoholics. It's such a shame for places like this.

abandoned cinema Druzhba

 Former disabled leisure center (demolished)

zabroshka on myasnikov

On Myasnikova Street, 27, you can also find an abandoned house - Former disabled leisure center, which has been on conservation for the last year. Despite the fact that the abandoned building is located almost in the center of the city, it does not enjoy fame, and history is silent about the fate of this building.

abandoned nursing home

Abandoned greenhouses

abandoned greenhouses minsk

Lovers of broken glass and The Silence of the Lambs may be attracted abandoned greenhouses near Efrosinya Polotskaya street.

abandoned greenhouses minsk

Abandoned kindergarten

abandoned kindergarten

Having visited a considerable number of abandoned places, poshyk.info concludes that any abandoned property that is in some way connected with children always causes a hyperactive movement of goosebumps with a pronounced effect of raising hair on end.

abandoned kindergarten angraskaya

abandoned kindergarten minsk

Former sanatorium. (reconstruction)

abandoned sanatorium minsk

Abandoned sanatorium MTZ - one of the first abandoned places we visited in 2015. And despite the sunny weather, the place immediately took a strong, high position of one of the most terrible places in Minsk.

abandoned sanatorium

Abandoned house on Sedova street (demolished)

abandoned car

Not far from the metro station Avtozavodskaya, on Sedova Street stands abandoned two-story building. The former club or administrative building is now an impregnable "fortress" on conservation.

abandoned car factory

Unfinished sanatorium

Abandoned Minsk photo

Possessing a certain degree of intuition for abandoned places, he managed not to pass by this sanatorium near the village of New Field.

Now this brainchild of the perestroika era is used to play airsoft, but we do not recommend engaging in active recreation there due to the deplorable and extremely dilapidated state of the ceilings and flights of stairs.

Abandoned Minsk photo

Abandoned Minsk photo

Abandons on Panfilov Street (demolished)

There are 2 houses in the city center, near Ignatenko street. They are completely boarded up, the entrance is only from the second floor. The houses are not guarded, but are well visible from the road.

Abandoned Rakovsky Suburb (under restoration)

The building has been empty for many years, and has been waiting for reconstruction since 2003. The house is completely overgrown with weeds and is living out its last days.

House of 1917 in the center of Minsk (restored)

Surely many of you passed near this 1917 house in the center of Minsk. The old building on Romanovskaya Sloboda Street is full of amazing stories and legends.

zabrokha in the center of minsk
zabrokha in the center of minsk

Particular attention is drawn to the layout of the house. The balconies are fully functional and provide an additional entrance and exit.

zabrokha in the center of minsk

Abandoned houses (Filimonova street)

Near Stoletov park, on Filimonova, there are 3 abandoned houses. Their fate is similar to abandoned houses on Kabushkin Street. There was a fire in one of the buildings, windows were broken everywhere, the doors were boarded up, there were bars on the first floors.

The houses are planned for demolition, but in their current form they can stand for many more years.

Abandoned house on Guards (restored)

One of the brightest typical examples of abandoned buildings in Minsk, which has been reconstructed at the moment.

Abandoned house on Masyukovshchina street

Another building in a residential area that once served people, but is now completely abandoned. On the territory of the former kindergarten or school, there are now dense thickets and garbage dumps. The fence surrounding the abandoned place has fallen in places, and the gates are open.

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    • It is possible to get there, but very difficult. There are 2 passages, but you need special protection for your outerwear, because the entire fence is covered with barbed wire and tar. I also don’t recommend going alone, because... In places where you need to climb, the fence reaches 2-3 meters and it is very problematic to climb alone. Also, 2-3 guards with flashlights periodically walk around the territory and react to any noise. The perimeter is surrounded by cameras. The first one will meet you in the parking lot, through which you will have to go. The rest are hidden on pillars and it is very difficult to notice them due to the dense vegetation along the perimeter. Cameras are also located inside the perimeter, so I advise you to go at night and move along the fence. I strongly advise against going deeper into the perimeter; they will immediately grab you. Also, get ready for the fact that you will not be alone there, a lot of amateurs visit this territory and sometimes they can give you away with their carelessness.
      I won’t give out a specific hole, but I will say that getting into the territory is very difficult, but possible.

  1. There are also abandoned barracks on Lynkova. About 121 houses. But there are bars on the first floor. However, there was a fire in one of them recently, so some grilles and doors have been removed.


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