Traveling in Belarus noted for himself more than once that various abandoned places и ruined temples attract me much more, unlike not always qualitatively reconstructed objects and remakes. Therefore, having arrived in Bobruisk, I expected a lot from fortress and surroundings. I think if you are a lover of urban objects, then abandoned barracks in Bobruisk will not leave you indifferent.

Walking through the territory of the once violent military town, you are amazed at the scope of this complex. The most diverse buildings are in ruins and smoothly turn into ruins.

Interesting building with a sign "Gascinitsa“. With him, the tour of the barracks complex began.

It is interesting that the place itself does not look like a depressing abandoned place, or it just seemed to me so.

Abandoned barracks in Bobruisk

Bobruisk barracks photo

Abandoned barracks in Bobruisk

Several buildings managed to be rented and well reconstructed. Basically, these are one-story barracks. The 3- and 4-storey buildings do not look very cheerful: the roof has collapsed almost everywhere, and the locals apparently periodically dismantle the walls into bricks.


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