Destroyed, abandoned and abandoned temples on the territory of Belarus

For connoisseurs and lovers of the special atmosphere of abandoned places, we have made a selection of ruins of Belarus. In this part there will be only churches: both Catholic and Orthodox. All places are described not from a historical point of view, but rather from an aesthetic one.

Abandoned Trinity Church in the village of Berezovets

Among abandoned churches in Belarus stands out Trinity Church. It is located in the village of Berezovets, Grodno region. The church was built of stone and brick.

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Although its appearance leaves much to be desired, the former beauty of the building can still be imagined from the preserved elements of the architectural composition.

Ruins of the Nicholas Church (Slobodka)

Nicholas Church, which has survived to this day in the form of ruins, was erected in a small village Slobodka Vitebsk region.

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The multi-tiered construction of the temple is made of bricks, and a wooden dome is visible on top.

Church in the Princes of St. Anthony (Nicholas)

An example of a grandiose architectural structure has been preserved in a small the village of Knyazhitsa, Mogilev region.

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Church of St. Nicholas, dated to the 18th century, despite its depressing appearance, talks about its former greatness.

High, the ruins of the Church of St. Elijah

The ruins of the church of St. Elijah you can't even name it in the High. The building of the temple is well preserved: brick walls with plaster, wooden floors and general appearance inspire confidence, making it possible to see the church from the inside. Apparently, the locals willingly monitor the cleanliness and condition of the temple.

The dilapidated church of the Virgin Mary in the village of Smolyany

A little further north, Smolyanakh, there is a similar temple. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary rises among the rural buildings and attracts with its monumentality. To date, the church is in an abandoned state, but the architectural elements of the facade, the preserved spiral staircase, and the basement are worth seeing.

Pervomaisk, the ruins of the temple of the 16th century

Among the ancient sights of the Minsk region, the mothballed Calvin collection. It is located in the village of Pervomaisk, near reins. Throughout the history of its existence, the temple managed to visit an Orthodox cathedral, a church, a chapel and even a power plant. The building is in a deplorable state and is under conservation.

Abandoned Church of the Nativity of the Virgin

A similar architectural solution was used in the construction Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. The temple is located near Beshenkovichi, in the village Candle. Despite the dilapidated state of the temple, local residents pay close attention to the historical site: there are no thickets and garbage on the territory.

Rovanichi, the ruins of the church of St. Anthony

In the Chervensky district in the agricultural town of Rovanichi you can find Ruins of St. Anthony's Church, which can be attributed to the architectural style of classicism. The clear and even walls of the base of the building are decorated with Ionic columns. Unfortunately, the church is quickly destroyed, and no one restores it.

Begoml. Church of All Saints.

Church, made in the retrospective Russian style of architecture, was once the most grandiose temple in the Vitebsk region. Today in the town of Begoml, where the ruins of the Church of All Saints have been preserved, one can only feel the atmosphere of the temple building. Lonely stone walls are unlikely to be restored, since there are no people willing to invest a considerable amount yet.

The ruins of the church in the village of Novye Novoselki

Everything that has survived from the church, built by priest Trotskevich in the distant 18th century, can be seen in the village New Novoselki near Nesvizh. The surviving ruins of the temple are located among the cemetery and currently look neglected.

Ruins of the Church of St. Anthony (Gubino)

Gubino village may be of interest to connoisseurs of history and architecture with the ruins of the Church of St. Anthony. From the large-scale building of the 18th century, only a wall and one tower remained. It is too late to restore the temple, but it is still worth seeing the ruins of the majestic church in the old days.

Alekseevskaya Church, Smolyany

In the village, which became famous for its tar mills, a temple was erected in the 19th century. For building Church of Saint Alexis in Smolyany, materials from the Sangushek castle and red brick were used. According to the assessment of the state, the temple can be attributed to ruins, but the main structure has not yet been destroyed by time and one can be impressed by its forms.

Berezovsky Monastery

The Brest region is not deprived of architectural monuments. In the city of Bereza you can see монастырь, built during the ON. The Berezovsky Monastery of the Carthusians is now the ruins of a majestic once defensive complex. This fact is confirmed by walls and towers with loopholes.

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