One of the scariest and most colorful places in Minsk - Abandoned clinical hospital on Brovka street. The history of this place dates back to 2004, when the building was left empty after the entire hospital moved to Borovlyany.

Despite the round-the-clock security in this place for a long time there was a real den for the homeless, alcoholics and other outcasts.

The situation was changed by the fire of 2009, after which the well-known Minsk abandoned house was seriously taken up. All entrances and first floors were tightly mothballed, the territory was fenced off, and the police met troubled personalities on the way.

After such measures, they actively started discussing the possible reconstruction of the facility, drew up a project, approved the estimate, and it seemed that the children's hospital was about to “come to life”.

But for Mrs. The budget amount turned out to be absolutely unbearable and the project was temporarily frozen.

As a result, the building is still abandoned to this day, they cannot demolish it, but there is no possibility to reconstruct it either. It remains to wait for a major investor or a miracle, but for now, the well-known and long-suffering abandoned children's clinical hospital remains in its place.

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9 years ago

Here it is yea!..

Valodya Pavlenok
Valodya Pavlenok
4 years ago

Guys, can you tell me there right now there is garbage, and chops?