Abandoned places - it's always a sad atmosphere, especially sad when you stumble upon abandoned schools. Not far from the agricultural town Semkovowhere are ruins of Khmarov estate, such an ownerless building is just standing. There are several good articles on the Internet that detail the history of this place and the reasons for its desolation.

Abandoned boarding school near Minsk

Abandoned school in Semkovo

I did not find the exact date when the school was no longer used for its intended purpose. One source mentions 2002, but it is unlikely that the building has stood empty for that long. From 2011 to 2014, the territory on which the entire complex is located was given to the society "Parents and teachers for the revival of Orthodox education." I think it was through the efforts of these people that the school building was saved.

Abandoned in Semokovo

Abandoned school Semkovo

Inside, it's a complete mess: the furniture is piled up in front of the main entrance and partly in the offices. Local children fervently rush along the long corridor, absolutely not embarrassed by adults.

Children play on the abandoned

Abandoned places in Belarus

Abandoned places in Belarus

There is a gym on the first floor.

Abandoned gym Semkovo

The second floor was most likely partly given over to living rooms, and not just classrooms.

Abandoned places in Belarus

Abandoned school in Semokovo

Abandons in Belarus

Abandoned places in Belarus

I was surprised that in one of the rooms there was an untouched medical bed.

Abandoned boarding school in Semkovo

painted windows

If you are interested in abandoned places, then see also: Abandoned School of Zadway и former Minsk hospital.

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