Mozyr one of the most interesting cities in the Gomel region. Apart from the typical sights like the church and church, there are also unique places. For example abandoned 20th century mansionwhich has been used for many years as hospital.

Abandoned hospital in Mozyr

Abandoned mansion in Bobruisk

The two-story mansion was built in 1910 year commissioned by one of the wealthy residents of Mozyr. The architecture of the building refers to the style modern. The mansion is made of yellow brick in the shape of the letter E. The house is almost symmetrical, except for the left wing, where there is a round tower leading to the roof.

Abandoned building in Mozyr

Inside this tower, even partially preserved spiral staircase.

Spiral staircase in an abandoned house

The building of the county hospital in Mozyr

Even before 1917, the Mozyr mansion was transferred to the needs of the county hospital. There are rooms for 35 beds. At that time, the building was not heavily rebuilt, preserving the unique architecture.

Abandoned places in Belarus

Unusual places on

In Soviet times, the former mansion continued to be used as a hospital. A new building was added to the right wing. Of course, the preservation of a single architectural style was then out of the question.

Old hospital in Mozyr

Abandons of Belarus

How did it happen that such an important facility as a hospital became the most popular abandoned place in Mozyr? Nothing new, the building fell into disrepair and was simply no longer used.


Wooden floors have been dismantled inside the mansion, so it will not work to climb to the upper tiers. True, it is not necessary, you can inspect the space this way.

Interesting places in Belarus

The building of the county hospital in Mozyr

Abandoned hospital in Mozyr

The abandoned hospital in Mozyr attracts not only lovers of old buildings, but also local teenagers. They richly decorated the walls of the historical heritage with graffiti and drawings.

Abandoned house in Mozyr

Abandoned in Mozyr

Through the inner hall you can get into the courtyard and go to the "new" wing of the hospital.

Abandoned places of Belarus Mozyr

Interesting places in Mozyr

Mazyr abandoned places

Despite the fact that the building has been abandoned for quite a long time and not mothballed, its condition is quite satisfactory. If desired and financed, this tourist site can certainly be revived. It is interesting that the enterprising residents of Mozyr even opened a cafe next to this abandoned place.

Abandoned house in Mozyr

I hope you know what to visit such places dangerously and it is better to inspect them from the outside. The abandoned hospital is located near the historical part of Mozyr, within walking distance from Leninskaya Street. A point on the map:

If you're in town, check it out Mozyr castlefrom where you can enjoy a great panoramic view.

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Tatsyana Sevyaranina
Tatsyana Sevyaranina
2 years ago

Kali ўbachyla got hazy, my hands shook. I thought to go to the entrance to Mazyr (and I'm from Brest, to hell!) tsі not - tsyaper know daklad - go! I hatya ў Gomel region shmat of other ruins, I long for a visit, - getaya sadziba - at a glance. Dzyakuy vyaliki for the article, Alexander.