For several years the former has been standing empty 18th century palace almost in the center Grodno. For a long time there was a military commandant's office here, and now this place is waiting for its investor. A selection of photos from this abandoned property was provided by a community member Euphoria.

zabroshka grodno academy

The building is really very beautiful, both outside and inside. You can verify this later.

If you go a little bit through the history of this building and read wikipedia, you can easily find the year of construction - 1775.

If you do not look closely, walking through the city park, you will practically not notice the beauty of this building. After all, to the city park, this building is located on the back side, which is unremarkable. And the front side is blocked by green spaces and the building of the GrSU. I. Kupala. Therefore, for all the time I studied in this city, and for the dozens of times that I walked through the park, I saw only the back of the building, it certainly interested me, but for the most part, it was somehow all the same to her. Oh, if I had seen the front view in advance. But as they say: “Better late than never!”

ladder zabroshka

The last time repairs were made in this place before the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the architecture of the former palace still impresses with its size and scope.

Zabrohi Grodno

zabroshennei place belarusi

At one time, the Grodno guardhouse, popularly referred to as “lip”, was located on the adjacent territory.

zabroshen v grodno

zabroshennai bolnica

Photographer: Artur Euphoria


  1. It would be wonderful if this most beautiful building were restored and turned into a museum of antiquity. It seems to me that this is a good use for ancient palaces with beautiful architecture!


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