Zabrezye has a rich and interesting history that begins in the first half of the 15th century. This place belonged to many prominent families: Zaberezinsky, Dorogostaisky, Zbarazhsky, and later history is connected with the Nekrashevichs, from whom a curious building has been preserved here stables (part of the “Great Court” estate).

Veska Zabrezze

In my time estate in Zabrezye was an exemplary agricultural land; in Yankovsky’s book the place is even called the “Golden Apple”. After the end of the war, the collective farm “New Life” was organized on the basis of the estate complex, then the ancient buildings fell on the balance sheet of OJSC “Losk”.

Gaspadarchy courtyard near the village of Zabrezze

The stable consists of two parts - the left one is a wooden barn with several columns.

Tossed in budynak

The right part is made of red brick and small rubble stone.

Beyond the Nekrashevich estate "Great Court"

Zabrezye abandoned estate

Despite the fact that the condition of the former estate is sad, the stable looks interesting and pleasantly surprises with its architecture.

Beyond the ruins of the estate

Unfortunately, old photographs and information about the Nekrashevich manor house have not been preserved. Most likely the wooden house was simply dismantled.

Zabrezze - sadziba Nekrashevich

The Catholic parish in Zabrezye appeared under the Zaberezinskys in the 40s, 15th century, but that first wooden church was completely burned during the war of 1654. After 14 years, the church was rebuilt and apparently it stood until the second half of the 19th century. In the same place, but already at the end of the 19th century, a new one will be built Trinity temple, according to local recollections, remained intact until the 50s. Nowadays there is a store building on the site of the church.

Zabrezie where there was a church
The church stood on this territory

An old photograph of Jan Balzunkevich has been preserved, which gives an idea of ​​the architecture of the church. There was also a Catholic cemetery around the temple, which is surprising; even today you can find several old gravestones that lie lonely near the walls of the store. In the 2000s, in a completely new location, the brick Church of the Holy Trinity was built. An interesting fact is that a bell from a wooden temple, which had lain in the ground for almost 40 years, was transported to this temple.

Kascel Most Holy Trinity Zabrezze
plykladna 1900, krynitsa photo: Christian churches of Belarus on the photographs of Yan Balzunkevich

Below is a point with the location of the Nekrashevich stables:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to the village of Losk, where you can see a wooden Church of the Heart of Jesus.

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