In the territory Belarus surprisingly many beautiful places. They help the soul to open up, and the visitor to learn how people lived when there were no computers and mobile phones. But even in such abundance, the ethnographic complex "Mlyn", what in Zaslavl, stands out and surprises.

mlyn and smithy in zaslavl

Wooden buildings, including the mill, which, by the way, is a hundred years old, not only acquaint the visitors of the complex with the peculiarities of Belarusian culture, but also create a unique atmosphere that is amazing for a resident of a concrete metropolis - life and warmth.

ethnographic complex

To say more about mlyn has a long and interesting history, which guides tell tourists with pleasure.

The interior of the building consists of three whole floors filled with interesting exhibits! Unfortunately, the steam engine that powered the mill has not been preserved, but the principle of its operation is easy to imagine.

mlyn museum and smithy in zaslavl
The forge, where you can see all the tools that used to work with metal, is a special, sacred place, and, surprisingly, this feeling has survived to this day.

Two more buildings that are part of the complex are a house delivery man and barn. The house is a building in which the peasants who came to grind grain rested, waiting for the finished flour. And the barn, where this grain was previously stored, now shows the guests various containers into which it was poured.

sviran in glory

The soul is filled with comfort and tranquility in this place, where history is kept in wooden buildings and is in the air. Despite the fact that in general a walk around the complex is unlikely to take more than two hours, the impressions will be the brightest.

mlyn museum and smithy

While in Zaslavl be sure to see Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary и Church of the Transfiguration.


  1. A very correct direction of tourism, which needs to be developed. People should know their history and the life of their ancestors. A very beautiful complex. You are instantly transported back hundreds of years.

  2. All admirers of Belarusian ethnography will not be indifferent to a visit to the Zaslavye nature reserve, the components of which are Mlyn and Kuznya, Zavoznik Hut, and Sviran. Being on the territory of the museum complex, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a hundred-year-old Belarusian town, which pleasantly takes you away from our daily bustle and gives a real idea of ​​the life of people at that time, of their worries and troubles.

  3. After visiting the ethnographic complex, the most vivid impressions remained. For a few hours, you can immerse yourself in the world in which our ancestors lived, see their houses and crafts. I especially liked Mlyn - it is a whole museum with many interesting exhibits.

  4. If you are interested in the history and ethnography of Belarus, you should definitely visit this place. Everything here breathes history. We were here on a tour last summer. We saw something that you will not see anywhere else - the life of the village, ancient buildings. Learned a lot of interesting things. So many good emotions bring a walk under the open sky. And how many successful photos are left to remember.


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