Just over 50 years ago, the premiere of an action-packed film was shown on Soviet cinema screens. “World guy”, produced by the Belarusfilm studio. The main character of this film is an engineer at the Minsk MAZ plant, so some of the scenes were filmed at real locations of the enterprise. Then 95% of the plot is transferred far from Minsk - to the invented mountainous country of Nuobaria. I think for many people the last minutes of the film will be especially interesting, when the audience is shown footage of Minsk taken from a helicopter in 1971.

Gates of Minsk old photo
Minsk Gate, Kirova Street
World guy 1971
The intersection of Independence Avenue and Kozlov Street

Thanks to these shots, you can, for example, see the construction process of the “Palace of Mastatstva”. The building behind it attracts attention Church of St. Roch, but without a tower.

Independence Avenue old photo

Minsk in the film World Boy
Independence Avenue and the intersection with Komsomolskaya Street

The central avenue of the city has many trees and little traffic.

What Minsk looked like in 1971

Images of Minsk from the film
Dynamo stadium can be seen in the distance

There are no underground passages yet, and there is even a large parking lot on Lenin Street.

Stills from the film World Boy
Lenin Street
Mensk old photo
Main Post Office and view of the Minsk Gate

The city of Minsk in cinema

Few people will remember this Independence Square.

Red Church in 1971
Independence Square
Images of Minsk from the film
Gorky Park

Curious to see from above victory Square. In 1971, they had not yet begun to build a metro on this site, so the square is round, and not oval, as we are used to seeing it today.

What Minsk looked like in 1971
“Manument Peramogi”

If you are interested in what other iconic places of Belarus looked like in the movies, then here Mir Castle in the film “Three merry shifts”and Ruzhany Palace in the films of the Soviet era.



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