spotted woodpecker - one of the most numerous representatives of the woodpecker family. IN Belarus pretty easy to find how big motleyAnd lesser spotted woodpecker (these birds are found in all regions of the country). They differ not only in size (which is clear from the name), but also in color, shape and behavior.

Great spotted woodpecker
Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major), the picture was taken in Nalibokskaya Pushcha in winter
Photo little spotted woodpecker
Lesser spotted woodpecker (Picoides minor), photographed in Loshitsky park in winter

Size big woodpecker is about 22-27 centimeters. Its dominant color is black, and the abdomen, part of the wings and head are white. The tips of the wings are decorated with a peculiar “zebra” pattern, and the undertail has a rich red color.

Dzyatsel vyalik pyarests

Males have a distinctive feature - a red stripe on the back of the head. This bird can easily be confused with the Syrian or White-winged Woodpecker, which have similar sizes and colors.

What does the Great Spotted Woodpecker look like?

Lesser spotted woodpecker – more active and mobile. It is considered the smallest bird of its family, the average size is from 14 to 16 centimeters.

What does the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker look like?

Lesser spotted woodpecker in Belarus

The color of the bird is similar to the colors of its larger counterpart, but there are also significant differences, one of which is the absence of a bright red undertail (in a small woodpecker it is light). Also pay attention to the back Picoides minor it is decorated with black and white transverse lines.

Lesser spotted woodpecker


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