One of the most notable and frequently seen birds Belarus - White Wagtail (Motacilla alba, White sitaka). It is similar in size to the common field sparrow (about 17-18 cm). It is distinguished by beautiful colors: a white or light gray belly, a black neck and crown, the upper body is gray.

Bird White Wagtail
White Wagtail - male

An interesting feature of this bird is its way of moving on the ground. Unlike many other birds, the White Wagtail does not jump, but quickly runs from place to place.

Bird White sitaka

In our country, this bird is a migratory species and flies to warmer regions of Europe, as well as Africa, for wintering.

What does a White Wagtail look like?

You can see this white-black-gray bird both in cities and in the forest. In addition, it is often found near rivers and on the banks of reservoirs.

white wagtail bird

Quite an interesting fact: the White Wagtail was chosen as the national symbol (national bird) of Latvia.


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