Volchin - This is a fairly large village in Kamenetsky district, Brest region. It has been known in history since the 16th century as the possession of the Soltan family, and then the Sapieha, Puslovsky, Narbut and Czartorysky families. Under the latter, a luxurious palace was built, although it has not survived to this day. What then is interesting to see in Volchin? Main attraction - Trinity Church, he is the tomb of the last king of the Commonwealth. In the neighborhood there is another temple, Orthodox, - Church of St. Nicholas.

Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Volchin

Probable date of construction - 1841 year. It is believed that in this year the main volume of the temple was built (or rebuilt), and towards the end of the 19th century, a three-tiered bell tower was completed.

Orthodox Church Volchin

In many sources there is information that the church was built on the site of the former town hall. However, this seems unlikely, since if there had once been a town hall in Volchin, then information would certainly have been preserved.

Nicholas Church in Volchin

The architecture of the temple can be attributed to the pseudo-Russian style. Finding this building is not difficult, the Nicholas Church is located on the central Lenin Street.

In the neighborhood of Volchin there is the village of Gremyach, where they are currently reconstructing Puzynov's estate. If you go along the H345 highway, you can visit wooden church in Ogorodniki.


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