One of the unusual sights of the Miory region is waterfall on the river Vyata. The nearest settlements to it are the village Mesopotamia, Prudniki и Surom region. Today, this place has already become a popular tourist attraction, especially in the summer. Also, excursion groups often drop in here in addition to a trip to reserve Yelnya.

Prudniki, Miory district, waterfall

Where is the waterfall located in Belarus?

Vyatkovsky waterfall - man-made and created quite with a specific industrial purpose. The very same hydroelectric power plant was built to supply electricity to the factory for the production of cardboard and paper, the ruins of which can be seen near the river.

What are the ruins near the waterfall in Prudniki?

Abandoned factory near the waterfall

Little is known about this factory, but it was clearly built by some wealthy landowner of that time. On old maps, you can find the marks of two estates near the waterfall. The first one is manor Ustzhezh a couple of miles down the river. The second point is already larger, a factory settlement, - Miedzyzhech (Mesopotamia), was right at that spot.

Waterfall on the Vyata River

Miedzyrzecz - an old farm, which was owned by Sapieha from Druya ​​castle. Then the land was sold to Mirsky, who built a manor here, and after the Oskerko family, towards the end of the 19th century.

Mesopotamia former estate Oskerko
It looked like a manor house in the first half of the 20th century. Photo by Jan Bulgak.

It is rather interesting that representatives of Oskerko lived more in the eastern part of Belarus (family Rudakov estate, Narovlya, Mozyr, Khoiniki), but one person from this family spent his last years of his life in the Vitebsk region - Alexander. It is quite possible that he is responsible for the construction of the paper mill and the hydroelectric power station.

Waterfall in Belarus

True, apart from local memories that a certain pan Olgerd Oskerko (I did not find this in the lists of representatives of this genus) built a station - there is not much evidence.

Waterfall in Belarus

After the hydroelectric power station and the factory were closed, a mill worked here for some time. Closer to the 60s of the last century, it was dismantled. The village and the farmstead Mezhdurechye were almost deserted by that time.

Mill in Mesopotamia old photo
Lamus, who was closer to the estate. Source: Aftanazy, Roman. Dzieje rezydencji na dawnych kresach Rzeczypospolitej. T. 4: Województwo Wilenskie. – Wroclaw. – 1993

Waterfall in the village of Prudniki

Now Vyatka waterfall is experiencing its second birth. The place was improved a bit: a small beach and a pier were made, a toilet was installed, a gazebo was built, garbage was regularly removed.

The Vyata River in the Miory District

Waterfall in the Miory district, Vitebsk region

There are 2 roads leading to the waterfall, both are gravel and in bad weather are quite eroded. The default navigator will lead through the village of Suromshchina, the exit immediately after church in Idolta.

In addition to the route, you can add more the abandoned estate of the Rudnitskys in Osada-Dedino и Neo-Gothic church in Miory.

* Texce has vykarystaned materials from the pratsy F. Sіўko “What happened before” 2022 - p. 4-32

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