There is an unusual monument of industrial architecture in Grodno - a complex of water towers on the street Sverdlov. The locals call these towers "Kasya" and "Basya".

Water towers in Grodno

Brick octagonal towers 22 meters high were built to ensure the supply of water from the Neman to the city water supply. The architecture is eclectic and looks extremely unusual for such structures.

South tower (pink) was built in 1890 year. The walls of its tower are divided into several tiers, decorated and decorated with ornaments. Windows are located below the third tier.

What are the towers on Sverdlov Street in Grodno

north tower, dyed in peach color, was erected a little later, in 1910 year. The facade of the second tower is decorated with massive cornices and pilasters.

Towers in Grodno Kasia and Basya

Both architectural buildings, related to the eclectic style, are covered with 8-pitched roofs. Water tanks are located in the upper parts of the towers. By the way, next to the towers there is a sculpture of a cat guarded by a birdhouse.

Why are the towers called Kasya and Basya?

There are two main theories about the origin of the name of the towers. According to the first version, in the accounting department of one of the towers worked Basia. And the supply manager in the second tower - Kasia. Hence the name.

Basya and Kasya water towers in Grodno

But there is a second version: the artist gave such unusual “names” to the towers Veremeychikwhen he was collecting materials for his thesis in the city.

Water towers Kasya and Basyalocated on the outskirts of the historic city center Grodno.

Nearby is Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross и Brigid monastery... Other attractions in Grodnoand excursion options.

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
2 years ago

Be sure to try to look at these towers, especially since they are within walking distance from the city center. The architecture is really interesting!