Water towers can be seen throughout Belarus, was no exception and Bobruisk. However, the Bobruisk water pump is distinguished from many fellows by fate - it did not become abandoned, and even more, it housed a restaurant popular in the city Chervonaya Vezha.

The tower was built of red brick approx. 1927 year. Its main function - providing water to the inhabitants of the city, the tower performed until 1960 years. The building was then used as a local laboratory. A new round in the history of the water tower begins when a restaurant is opened in it. The idea turned out to be successful and quite cost-effective.

Restaurant Krasnaya Vezha in Bobruisk

In 2016, another upgrade is underway. On the upper tier of the tower, a dome and an observation deck with additional seats for the Chyrvonaya Vezha restaurant are being built. In addition, an elevator was installed in the tower and a clock was added, according to rumors, they play a melody at 19:40 "Seven forty".

restaurant in the Bobruisk tower

Many residents of the city were critical of such a “reconstruction”, there were many complaints and claims about changes in the appearance of an architectural monument. However, over time, the issue was removed from the agenda, and the residents of Bobruisk saw their advantages in the new facility.

Water tower in Bobruisk

Next to the tower in 2012 installed sculpture by Shura Balaganov (note - one of the heroes of Ilf and Petrov in the novel "Golden calf"). Near the monument there is a tablet with an excerpt from the work, where the city of Bobruisk is mentioned.

monument to Shura Balaganov in Bobruisk

In the character's left hand calf, which is often rubbed for good luck by people passing by.

Finding a place is not difficult, the water tower is located at the intersection of Pushkin and Proletarskaya streets.

Look a little further down the street city ​​mansion 1912. Another interesting sight of Bobruisk - Church of the Virgin Mary whose facade was rebuilt into an administrative building.

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