Once upon a time, back in the 16th century, there was a place Pogost - the possession of the Olelkovich family in the Slutsk land. Then the farm was owned by the Radziwills, and by the middle of the 19th century - Wittgenstein. It was during the latter that the estate was built, stone mill and distillery.

Brovar-distillery in the village of Pogost 2

There is almost nothing left of the noble estate itself, it is even difficult to find the place where it stood. Only a few buildings of the former distilleries.

The main building, the factory itself, dates from 1901 year, as reported by the numbers on the pediment. It is made of brick and is quite typical.

Abandoned brovar in the village of Pogost-2 near Soligorsk

Until the mid-90s, the company was active. In the photographs of the early 2000s, all the buildings look absolutely intact and not abandoned.

Abandoned places near Soligorsk

Why is the former Wittgenstein-Radziwill factory in such a deplorable state today? It's hard to say.

Abandoned brovar in the village of Pogost 2

Abandoned in the village Pogost 2

Inside you can still see huge tanks for fermentation and storage of alcohol. They have not had time to cut them yet (or simply could not).

Alcohol storage in the village of Pogost 2

Abandoned alcohol storage Pogost 2

There are other buildings on the territory: household. buildings, warehouses, alcohol storage and gatehouse.

Distillery in the village of Pogost 2

Abandoned distillery Pogost 2

The village of Pogost-1 and Pogost-2 are separated by a river, located next to the P55 highway in the suburbs Soligorsk. Below is the location on the map:

If you're in the area, I recommend you go and see. granite quarry in Mikashevichi.

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