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Currency: Vietnamese dong 1$ =23600 dong

Language: Vietnamese, English is spoken by young people and employees of hotels, restaurants.

Visa: for residents Belarus, Russia and Ukraine do not need up to 15 days. A long-term visa for more than 15 days can be issued directly at the airport.

Who is Vietnam for?: adventurers and lovers of color. Also a good choice for package travelers.

Криминал: Vietnam is a calm country, where it is difficult to stumble upon aggression and problems.

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Vietnam. What is the first thing that comes to mind to a person who has never visited this country? War? Vietnamese market? But, this is truly a unique country with many interesting places about some of them and will be discussed below.

Natural and resort attractions of Vietnam

Shondong This is the largest cave in Vietnam. It is also called the Mountain River Cave due to the stream flowing in the bowels of the cave, according to various estimates, up to 6,5 kilometers long! The height of the arches of the cave in some places reaches 200 meters and is a majestic sight.

Sun Sot Cave

But the main highlight of the cave is an island of forest thickets in its depths. Tropical thickets were formed as a result of the formation of a unique microclimate due to the presence of water and sunlight penetrating through the holes in the Shondon arches on a clear day.

Sapa. A small settlement high in the mountains in the northern part of the country, not far from Hanoi. Photographers and just lovers of beautiful views will see emerald rice terraces on the hills, hiding peaks in the clouds. Bright and distinctive tribes living in an authentic historical setting.

Halong Bay. A completely unique place near the capital of the country - Hanoi. The bizarre island-rocks, immersed in tropical greenery, resemble the fantastic landscapes of the Avatar movie. Tourist boats sail between the many islands. A huge cave is hidden in the depths of Cat Ba Island Hospital cave free for tourists.

Opposite the city Nha Trang across the strait is the island of Hon-Che with a magnificent amusement park Winpearl. The island is connected with the city by a multi-kilometer, high-rise, cable car and high-speed boats. In the park, in addition to numerous water slides and attractions, there is an oceanarium. Fountain shows are shown in the evenings.

Mui Ne fishing village kitesurfers will appreciate. The long, gently sloping beach and sea waves, combined with the wind, provide the necessary conditions for water sports. In the immediate vicinity of the village there are natural sand dunes.

Cultural and historical monuments of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is both the largest city in the country and the leader of the revolution. In memory of the war with the United States in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City remained Tunnels of Kuti, dug underground by partisans who selflessly defended their country.

On specially organized excursions, you can learn about the struggle of the Vietnamese, the history of the creation of underground communications under the feet of the enemy. The length of the tunnels is not known for certain and is estimated at hundreds of kilometers.

In the modern capital of Vietnam - the city Hanoi you can visit the mausoleum of the leader of the revolution. In the ancient capital of Vietnam, the city of Hue, there are palaces and tombs of emperors.

The unique entertainment in Vietnam should include water puppet theater. Actors with puppets are hidden from the audience by a screen over a water reservoir. The plays include peasant life, closely associated with the cultivation of rice.

What to bring?

Travelers try to buy in numerous souvenir shops "flip flops" - conical straw hats. Guides advise you to try Nuok Mam - a traditional fish sauce that has a sharp specific smell. In the mountainous city of Dalat, you can taste strawberries, as well as local tea and coffee. Coffee is especially brewed in Vietnam. A special set of teacups can also be purchased as a souvenir.

Vietnam, like any other country, is, first of all, people. According to local legend, the children of a fairy tale and an epic dragon inhabited the narrow coast of the ocean in ancient times. The people here are friendly and very hardworking, and the country is very diverse. In conclusion, it is worth highlighting the main places and attractions that should not be missed:

• Shondong - caves
• Halong Bay
• Nha Trang and amusement park
• Mui Ne - fishing village
• Hanoi - the capital
• Ho Chi Minh City

Of course, each traveler has his own, unique, view of the sights. Of course, visiting Vietnam will not leave anyone indifferent.

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