Vietnam airlines where they fly, what they eat, service, promotions and luggage

Vietnam Airlines represented by several companies, but the main and largest is Vietnam airlines. The company appeared in the middle of the 20th century, but acquired its current look in 1993. During that period, the Vietnamese carrier receives the status of an official state company. From this period begins a constant growth and development of at least 10% per year.

Vietnam airlines where they fly

The main directions of the Vietnamese carrier are Asia and local flights. Vietnam airlines flies to all major cities in Vietnam, performing several flights a day. There are also flights to Europe, USA, Australia, as well as direct flights to Moscow. Among the popular ones are:

Hanoi – Moscow | Ho Chi Minh City – Moscow

To my surprise, in these directions you can see up to 90% of Vietnamese. I expected much more tourists from the CIS countries. There is a simple explanation for this, most Russian speakers fly charters directly to the sea (for example, on Phukouk Island).

Vietnam airlines how to feed and service

The company is a partner Sky team and has 4 stars. Aircraft and maintenance personnel speak several languages. Even local flights offer food and drinks. Below is a photo of the food on the flight Hanoi-Phu Quoc (flight 2 hours).

Despite the short flight offer a hot choice. In my case, beef or fish fell out. Also included is a mix of fruits.
Beef with mango and rice
Braised fish with pasta

From drinks offer Coca-Cola, water. After lunch, traditional green tea or coffee is served.

Vietnam airlines has 3 classes of service. Business, premium economy, economy class, which is the standard for most airlines in the world. The fleet has more than 100 aircraft, the average age of the aircraft is 6 years. This is a very good indicator. Economy class seats:

Current promotions of Vietnam airlines

Below are special offers in a variety of areas, suddenly you will find something interesting for yourself:

Vietnam Airlines baggage

Baggage allowance is quite standard. For economy and economy premium passengers 23 kilograms. Business class - 32 kg. Dimensions in both cases should not exceed 158 centimeters on the sides, example below:

Hand luggage in economy class is allowed no more than 12 kilograms, in business and economy + no more than 18 kg.

Allowed baggage weight may be increased if you are a member of the Sky Team loyalty program. If you are interested in the transportation of specific baggage, sports equipment or something special, look at the official website of Vietnam airlines. 

Vietnam Airlines

The headquarters of Vietnam Airlines is located in the city Hanoi. Read more about tourist Vietnam we have a website.


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