Twirls – one of the largest agricultural towns in terms of population in the Grodno region. In addition to the neat streets and the fairly well-known enterprise SEC “Progress-Vertelishki”, you can see a number of attractions here: the modern Church of the Holy Family and a church from the mid-19th century.

Vertilishki, Belarus

The construction of the neo-Gothic church was completed quite recently - in 2022, it is located at the very end of Sovetskaya Street. The temple is somewhat reminiscent of typical religious Catholic buildings of the first half of the 20th century: one tower, arched windows and niches, red brick.

Church in Vertilishki

History Church of Alexander Nevsky more interesting. Construction of the temple began in 1843 on the site of a wooden predecessor (possibly a church). The work was completed 11 years later; at that time, Vertilishki belonged to representatives of the Bisping family, who probably sponsored the final stages of construction.

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky in Vertilishki

This church is a clear example of classical architecture. The facade is distinguished by a massive six-column portico, which ends in a triangular pediment with a tower. The architect Yaakov Martinovich Fardon was responsible for the design of the temple; by the way, he also had a hand in the work on Brest Church of the Holy Cross.


After the revolution of 1917, there were attempts to demolish the church, but local residents were able to defend the temple, who even restored the bell tower. It is curious that the wooden turret on the roof was recently rebuilt in stone, and the pointed spire was replaced with a more Orthodox dome. The church is located on Alexandra Dubko Street, below is the point marked on the map:

If you are in these parts, be sure to visit Grodno, in addition to the classic attractions, I offer a small list unusual places in the city on the Neman.

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