In old photographs and drawings Napoleon Orda attracts attention not only Czapski Palaceand unusual tower, somewhat reminiscent of a minaret. There was a four-tiered tower to the right of the estate, if you were facing the building. In its functionality, this structure served as an icehouse and an observation deck.

Priluki drawing of Napoleon Horde
drawing by Napoleon Orda, 1876

Probably on the terrace, representatives of the ancient family gathered for breakfast and lunch and admired their possessions.

Where was the ice tower in Pryluki
actual landscape and place where the tower was located

This neo-Gothic tower was built in the second half of the 19th century, when the rich estate was managed by Ludwika and Otto Horvatt. By the way, under them, Pryluky was significantly transformed in the peculiar spirit of romanticism.

Winter frogs
The ice chamber was located to the right of the palace

The height of the ice tower was approximately 30 meters; it ended with a hipped spire on which stood a figured outbuilding. Interestingly, in many sources the tower is referred to as a chapel. The widest, lower tier, as well as the basements, served practical purposes - this was precisely where ice age. On the third tier there was a clock and a small gallery-balcony.

Where was the chapel in Pryluky?
Zdymak from private Kalekcy Michał Zarožny, 1943-43

What happened to the unusual building in Pryluky? In the 60s, the tower, although half-abandoned, still stood in its place. Then, apparently, it was dismantled and forgotten as unnecessary.

The Lost Heritage of Pryluka
Photos before 1916, from the website Globus Belarus

Interestingly, literally 30 meters away there was another tower, but with Gothic features.

Gothic tower in Pryluky
An old photograph of a carriage house, with the same Gothic tower in the foreground. Zdymak from private Kalekcy Michał Zarožny, 1943-43.

Pryluky in winter

It was used in recent years as a water pump, then it was demolished and a small vestibule was built in its place. The old carriage house building itself has been preserved, partly it is used for housing, and partly for the needs of the Folk Art Center.

Carriage house in Pryluky
Photo by Jan Bulgak, 1917

In the bottom picture you can clearly see the architecture of the tower: many Gothic elements, turrets, decorative loopholes and arches. Surely the building wonderfully complemented the overall appearance of the palace complex.

Unusual tower in Pryluky
Also photo by Jan Bulgak, 1917

Below is a point with the place where the ice tower with a clock was located in Priluki:

Near the reservoir, I recommend seeing some more buildings that have been preserved from the time of the Czapskis: a barn with arches, a house for workers, a brewery.

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