The main attraction of the agro-town Velemichi, Stolinsky district, is an old Church of Saint Elijah. The Orthodox church dates back to 1881 and was built on the site of its predecessor, founded in the first half of the 18th century. There is even interesting information that materials from the old church were used for construction.

The wooden church of St. Elijah in the village of Velemichi

Wooden church in Velemichi

The church in Velemichi belongs to the list of unique examples of wooden folk architecture of the Polissya school, in which certain baroque features are visible. The building has the shape of an equal cross, above which 5 domes rise.

Velemichi, Stolin district

A three-tiered bell tower was built separately from the temple.

Belfry in the village of Velemichi

Finding this attraction will not be difficult; Velemichi is located at equal distances from Remel, Olpenya and David-Haradka, below is a point with a mark on the map:

Not far from these places, you can visit Novoberezhnoye, where Olesha's estate.

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