At night, a scream is heard in the street, and a rustle in the kitchen. Someone is knocking on the window of the 17th floor, and the cat is scaredly sitting nearby. Mysticism has been enveloping the world since time immemorial. Now people have learned to express their fears and the most disturbing fantasies in books и movies. What a pity that the Lumiere brothers were not born in Middle Ages. How many green-eyed left-handers have suffered from prejudice? And how many red-haired people were burned at the stake? Norway's northernmost city I am ready to tell the story of a terrible Inquisition, comparable in its cruelty to the case of the Salem witches.

Vardø is a city that is better known as the capital of the Norwegian witches. The same terrible things happened here as in the American city. Salem, but for some reason, it is not customary to talk about the affairs of this place. Maybe the inhabitants are still afraid of the karma of impure forces?

Once in the capital of cod (another name), no more than 1875 people lived. The city was inhabited by blond and red-haired northerners. Everything smelled of fish, frosty freshness and the ocean. Now travel agencies often present Vardø as a cozy nest with northern lights and wonderful islands.

To be led by advertising tricks or not - it's up to you. In fact, getting to the northern county of Norway is not so difficult. But the journey will take many hours. You can fly to the city of Varde from Tromsø, Kirkenes, Vadsø. There are no direct flights, of course. Although for a ticket from Minsk There and back again our search engine showed good options for $725. There are other ways to Vardø, but none of them is convenient. Only long transfers, ferry, by air, car or bus, and sometimes using all at once, you can get to the former lair of witches.

It may sound romantic and mysterious, but not everyone will find the road pleasant. Testing for durability begins far outside the city.

First of all, the interest of travelers is represented by the memorial “Eternal Witches' Bonfire”, set for the victims of the Inquisition.

Today's Vardø is often presented as a tourist city shrouded in a terrible history. But three centuries ago this place was surrounded by panic, blood, dark magic and the screams of the innocent.

The memorial keeps the memory of 91 people, most of whom were burned at the stake (including 14 men and 77 women).

To visually estimate the number of victims in Vard, imagine that the current population of Finnmark (county) is about 75 people. In the 000th century, less than 17 souls lived here. Of these, 3000 people were persecuted by law, 135 of whom could not escape "justice". Unimaginably, almost a quarter of the population was forced into hiding to save their lives.

Most likely, only indigenous people will be able to live in this place permanently. The northern county is almost always in darkness. Tourists accustomed to long, sunny days will definitely be impressed by the gloomy atmosphere of Norway. Night here lasts for days. It immediately seems that without seeing the white light, the pale-faced people will no doubt start chasing their neighbors. Feeling devilish pranks in the impenetrable darkness.

Many visitors note that first of all they go for thrills. However, in Vardø there are no macabre reconstructions, no traditions, no mournful cries of the dead in the alleys.

Instead, there is a very strange, silent city with a bleak landscape. as if Silent Hill, dark, mystical, it is not clear when it appeared, and how long it has been standing in the world.

In Vardø, no one just talks about bonfires, witches and black magic. Everyone around will be silent, as if the events of three hundred years ago are classified by the state. That is why the interest of tourists is growing. Who wouldn't want to get used to the role of a fearless researcher who restores history bit by bit?

The city can indeed seem cursed and depressing, but also insanely peaceful. Bones tremble from the frozen ground, it is dark and cold around. The locals are taciturn and harsh. This trip is definitely a test of courage. But you will rarely see such harsh landscapes anywhere.


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