Traveling around Belarus, you never know where you can find unusual places. Despite the fact that the village of Uzla is located on the P28 highway, there are very few inhabitants left. Therefore, the two-story wooden club fell into disuse.

knot zabroshka

An excellent log house, which will stand for many years, is now empty, the local village council even has a sale price.

But for sure, by the time a buyer is found, the house will remind club on Minina street.

Knot abandoned house

Inside the Abandoned Club does not at all resemble those abandoned ones that you meet on the way. For a moment it seemed that the house was simply forgotten to be closed.

But when you walk through the empty rooms from which everything of value was taken out, including sockets, lamps and tiles, you understand that the house is abandoned.

abandoned in Belarus

Surprised by the piano, how the locals haven't taken it away yet?

They say that dead bees are a bad sign. There were just too many of them in this house.

Address: Uzla village, Minsk region


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