In the Vileyka district, near the agricultural town Ilya, preserved chapel-tomb and a number of buildings from the time of the Bogdanovichs.

Obodovtsy - a small village in the 19th century belonged to the famous Bogdanovich family. All over Belarus the family owned 7 estates, one of which was in Obodovtsy. A chapel-tomb has been preserved here, as well as ruins of the Bogdanovichi estate and some other outbuildings belonging to the pans.

The estate was surrounded by a park, and the entrance to it was fenced with tall poplars, which were a shady alley. Next to the manor house, in a separate building, the servants lived.

Among the outbuildings were forge, stable, cheese factory, distillery and gardener's house. The cheese that was produced on the estate was sold even abroad, in Warsaw. Behind the distillery was the building of the frontier post.

But perhaps the main attraction of this place - chapel-tomb of Bogdanovichiwhich is much better preserved than other buildings.

Chapel in Obodovtsy, built in the middle of the 19th century on a small hill, has clear features and a square shape. Turrets with spiers are located at the corners of the neo-Gothic composition; an altar is installed inside the chapel.

The building is surrounded by a wooden fence. Previously, a beautiful alley led to the chapel, and surrounded by a park, which today has noticeably thinned out.

Initially, the building was a chapel and a crypt for the burial of representatives of the famous family. But during the advent of Soviet power, the chapel was plundered and a warehouse for storing poisonous substances was established within its walls. During the years of the decline and collapse of the USSR, the chapel was transferred to the Catholic Church.

After restoration and repair work, the chapel became a religious object again and was partially opened to visitors. In 1994, the remains from the former crypt were reburied near its walls. And the chapel was consecrated in the name of the Mother of God. Since then, it has been a branch of the church in Ilya.

The rest of the buildings of the once noble family are made of stone and brick in the eclectic architectural style. The estate of Bogdanovich looked powerful and impressive, but has not survived to this day.

The estate was burned down, the barn was converted into a stable, and the houses of the border guards and servants were settled by ordinary residents. The distillery became abandoned. Location tombs of the Bogdanoviches:

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