Novogrudok - this is one of the most interesting cities Belarus. Sometimes he can even compete in popularity with Nesvizh и The world. During the summer, hundreds of tourists come here every day. Certainly the most to see ruins of Novogrudok castle. However, the sights in the city do not end there. For example, you can look at the old cemetery, where the tomb of Albrecht Zaborsky.

Tomb of Zaborsky in Novogrudok

Ancient tombs of Belarus

Zaborsky was a captain of the Novogrudok Voivodeship. The figure is prominent and quite famous.

Ancient cemetery in Novogrudok

The tomb was built in 1858 year. The chapel has recently been restored. On the wall under the window there is a memorial plate with information about Albrecht Zaborsky.

Information plate tomb Zaborsky

Tomb of Zaborsky Novogrudok

In the neighborhood you can see another tomb - Sadovsky. It was built later 1930 year. The architecture is neo-gothic, made of medium rubble stone, looks rather abandoned.

Tomb of Sadovsky Novogrudok

The cemetery itself is also interesting, or rather, even 2 cemeteries (Catholic and Orthodox, which are not separated by anything). At the entrance there is a memorial wall to German soldiers.

Memorial wall to German soldiers in Novogrudok

If you walk from the tomb of Zaborsky along Lenin Street towards the center, you can visit the ancient mosque of Novogrudok.

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