Among the lesser known and not the most popular sightseeing in Polotsk you can pick out the old Lutheran cemetery with a chapel. The place is located far from the central part of the city and will be more interesting for those who have been to the oldest city more than once Belarus.

Lutheran cemetery

The Lutheran Church existed in Polotsk since the end of the 18th century (stone church preserved), so the presence of such a cemetery is quite logical. Among the burials there are also quite old ones, which date back to the first half of the 19th century. In addition to Lutheran, there are also Jewish graves, but the vast majority are Orthodox.

Chapel at the Lutheran Cemetery

The chapel-tomb now serves as a gatehouse-pantry, and almost nothing is known about its history.

The building has pronounced features of neoclassical architecture, the main entrance is highlighted by a small portico with two columns.

Lutheran chapel in Polotsk

Along the perimeter, the chapel is framed by a beautiful cornice with complex decorative elements. The red brick walls are decorated with false columns.

Polotsk ancient cemetery

The Red Cemetery has several graves with busts and historical heritage status. This is a monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Zinaida Tusnolobova-Marchenko и Izgutt Aitykov.

Bust of the Hero of the Soviet Union at the Lutheran cemetery in Polotsk

The Polotsk cemetery is located on Gagarin Street, the mark on the map is on the Lutheran chapel.

Must see in Polotsk Sophia Cathedral и the old college of the Jesuits.

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