Estate Rakovica passed to the genus Tollochko in the first half of the 18th century. Under them, a wooden manor was erected and a park laid out. Also at the beginning of the 20th century, a family chapel-tomb was built, which can still be seen today.

Chapel in the village of Rakovica

The probable date of construction of this chapel is 1907, when Rakovica belonged to Teodor Tollochko.

Tomb in the village Rakovitsa Belarus

Tombs of Belarus

Theodore is the last owner of the estate, who died in 1946.

Chapel-tomb of Tollochko in the village of Rakovitsa

Despite its compact size, the chapel has many interesting decorative elements. The side parts of the building are distinguished by semicircular windows (three on each side), and there are buttresses in the corners.

Chapel-tomb of Tollochko in the village of Rakovitsa

broken window

Tollochko Chapel - This is a vivid example of neo-Gothic architecture. In an old photograph of the early 20th century, you can see how this temple looked originally.

Tomb in the village Rakovitsa Belarus
scan from Nestsyarchuk's book. “Castles, palaces, parks of Beraszeyshchyny”

Tollochka tomb chapel in the village of Rakovica

In the post-war period, ardent atheists and opponents of the "gentry heritage" tried to destroy the chapel.

Neo-Gothic tomb Rakovica

In the 60s, "activists" were able to tear down the top with the spire. For this, cables and a tractor were used, but these funds were clearly not enough for complete destruction and the chapel survived.

Village Rakovitsa Belarus

Behind the temple there are several ancient graves, among which are the graves of Jan Tollochko (participant in the uprising of 1863), Stanislav Karol Tollochko (Teodor's brother) and his wife.

Ancient cemetery in the village of Rakovica

Ancient burial places of Tollochko

After the collapse of the USSR, the descendants of Tollochko partially restored the chapel and ennobled the adjacent family cemetery. Although the places here are quite remote, and the nearest houses are several kilometers away, the chapel looks quite well-groomed.

Tomb in the Brest region

Around the cemetery and the tomb in Rakovica there is a fence with a stylistic gate, the place is decorated with old trees that form an alley.

Tollochko's tomb in Rakovica

If you are in these parts, try to visit the chapel, it definitely deserves your attention. The chapel stands in the forest on the outskirts of Rakovica. If you drive from Brest along the highway H435, then drive through the entire settlement and drive off at the very end in front of the field.

Another place associated with the Tollochko family is the village of Sychi, where the manor house was located, dismantled in 1992. In Sychy, from the sights preserved Church of St. Paraskeva 1822. For those who are interested in similar objects on our website a large selection of tombs in Belarus.

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