Village Grushevka, Brest region, is known for its unique the estate of the Reytans, of which it is a part chapel-tomb of this ancient family. The chapel is located a few kilometers from the estate itself and is picturesquely hidden on the edge of the forest.

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In the spring of 2020, restoration of the entire estate complex began, which continues today with varying degrees of success. The result is visible, for example, this is what the Reitan chapel looked like 5 years ago and today.

Tomb in Grushevka
zdymak 2020
Reitan Chapel in Belarus
zdymak 2024

Apparently the tomb was built at the very beginning of the 20th century; a specific date is often mentioned - 1910. It is believed that the construction of the “miniature Gothic temple” was carried out by Heinrich Grabowski, to whom the Reitans’ possessions went.

Tomb of the Reitans in Grushevka, Belarus

Grushevka burial vault of the Reitan and Grabovsky family

According to one version, the place for the construction of the chapel was not chosen by chance. Passed away here Jozef Reitan – the last owner and representative of an ancient Lithuanian family in the male line. Is it so? One can only guess. But what is known for sure is that in addition to the Grabovskys, the legendary Tadeusz Reitana.

Reytan's Tillage Chapel

And a little later, at the turn of the 30s, a memorial bas-relief was installed in the chapel; unfortunately, it was not preserved.

Reitan Chapel photo inside

In front of the Grabowski-Reitan tomb there is a Gothic arch-gate and fence, which were probably built in 1928.

Reytan's ploughshare chapel 1928

Bas-relief by Tadeusz Reitan

It is curious that in the old photographs there is no massive forest around.

Legacy of the Reitan family

Tomb Chapel in Grushevka

The history of these lands is rather confusing and often some facts contradict others. So in different sources you can find references to looting and looting tombs of the Reitans. This first happened during the First World War, when Alina Reitan was alive. According to the officer’s recollections, locals broke into the chapel and started a pogrom and robbery.

Tomb of the Reitans-Grabovskis

A similar situation is described on the information stand, where another date is indicated - the early 70s.

Tomb Chapel of Reitanov in Grushevka

The tomb chapel in Grushevka has a striking architecture with features of both Gothic and neo-Gothic styles. The facade is distinguished by a pointed portal, the pediment ends with a sharp gable on either side of which there are pinnacles. The walls are decorated with an interesting stucco cornice with ornaments, and there are lancet windows on the sides. Inside the chapel I was met by a calm black cat, who was resting peacefully and closely watching the uninvited guests.

Kitten in the tomb

Near the tomb there is an information board, as well as a memorial stone in memory of Tadeusz Rejtan. Below is a point marking this attraction on the map:

While in these parts, you can also look into Nacha village, where a manor house in a classical style has been preserved. In addition, 15 kilometers from the village of Grushevka there is an interesting Fleryanovo estate.


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