If you are wondering “Is it possible to restore the ruins?“then go to the village of forgiveness, Nesvizh district. Here, in 2016, the reconstruction ended tombs of the Protasevicheswhich had been abandoned for many years.

Neo-Gothic tomb of the Protaseviches in the village of Prosti

The history of this village is closely connected with the neighboring one. Islands (emphasis on the second syllable). In fact, it used to be one settlement. By the way, the name does not come from the word "sorry“, and from “simple“. The place was called Simple Islets, then shortened under dialect to Forgive.

Tomb of the Protaseviches in the village of Forgiveness

The Protasevich family owned these lands from the second half of the 16th century until 1939. The exact date of construction of the tomb is unknown. Presumably this happened 1850 to 1887 of the year. But it is known that he built a chapel Michal Protasevich (known as "pan cornet").

Tomb of Protasevichi Forgive me

The chapel-tomb in Prosty is made in the architecture of classicism, with a mixture of Gothic and even Baroque. The shape is square, two-level. Lower level - family vaultwhere representatives of the Protasevich family were buried. top served chapel.

Neo-Gothic tomb in the village of Prosti

After the advent of Soviet power, the Protaseviches were forced to leave the family estate. The locals thought that jewelry and money could be hidden in the tomb. As a result, the chapel was plundered and all the coffins in the crypt were smashed. A little later, the lower level of the tomb was filled up. Until 2008, the chapel stood in ruins.

Tomb of the Protaseviches in the village of Forgiveness
photo 2006, source: dmitrij-kr.livejournal.com

Then began a long reconstruction, which was carried out thanks to priest Igor Lashuk. A restoration project was drawn up through the efforts architect Alexey Eremenko. And then it took a long 10 years to rebuild this monument. Finding attractions is not difficult. Move along the main street, the tomb will be on the right hand.

What else to see in this region? Nearly preserved Brokhotsky's estate "Gorodiy"and ancient church in the village of Ishkold.


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