Pruzhany have been known since the 15th century, although initially under a different name - Dobuchin. The city is often lost in the background Ruzhan и Kossovo with their palaces, although there is also tourism potential here. Main attraction in Pruzhany - Shvykovsky's estate, often referred to as "palatsyk".

Manor Shvykovsky in the city of Pruzhany

The estate acquired its appearance and flourishing when Valentia Shvykovsky. It was he who inherited the estate in Pruzhany from his father. Valenty was a man of high culture and enthusiastically developed his parental land. Under him, a public library, a post office appeared in the city, and a school for peasant children was opened. Since 1854 he became the head of the Pruzhany nobility.

What to see in Pruzhany

After the defeat of the uprising in 1863, the estate was confiscated. Shvykovsky had no choice but to emigrate. The manor house began to be used as a district administration.

Landmarks in Pruzhany

Despite the danger, after a few years, Valenty Shvykovsky managed to return to Pruzhany. Since 1867, he again becomes the owner of the estate and plunges headlong into local problems.

Unusual estates of Belarus Pruzhany

The estate belonged to the Shvykovskys until 1895, after which it was sold to the countess Kleinmichel. The further fate of the estate complex is vague. The countess did not live in Pruzhany, but rented out the estate. After the October Revolution, the estate was confiscated. Judging by old photographs, the building was not destroyed or abandoned during the Soviet period.

Manor Shvykovsky in the city of Pruzhany

Architecture and construction stages

The manor was rebuilt on the site of a wooden house in the middle of the 19th century. In form and architecture, the estate resembled an Italian pitchfork, atypical for the nobility. Belarus. It is believed that the architect of the project was a Pole by origin, - Franciszek Lancia. However, there is no written evidence.

Coat of arms on the estate in Pruzhany

The estate in Pruzhany has an asymmetric shape, with a complex composition. The difference in floors from 1 to 3 is clearly visible, where the dominant is a high tower with a veranda. Windows made in different styles are also highlighted. You can see small arched and massive rectangular ones, on the second floor there are square ones.

Manor Shvykovsky in Pruzhany

In addition to the manor house, a small outbuilding has also been preserved, located on the left, a little in the depths of the park.

Outbuilding in Pruzhany

Outbuilding in Pruzhany

Manor Shvykovsky in Pruzhany

Homestead in the city of Pruzhany

Manor Shvykovsky in Pruzhany

In 1999, the Shvykovsky estate was restored. Today there is a local museum of local lore, open from 10:00 to 18:00. The attraction is easy to find. Located in the historical part of the city, on the street Soviet 50.

In addition to the estate in Pruzhany, it is interesting to see the building of the first wooden pharmacy. The trading rows of the 19th century, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the church have been preserved.

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