Very close to Dzerzhinsky there is a village Stankovo. An interesting landmark of the Czapski times has been preserved here - library “Skarbets”. Unfortunately, herself manor-palace has not survived to this day. But you can see some of the manor buildings: a barn, a stable, an outbuilding, utility rooms and of course library.

Czapski Library in Stankovo

Skarbets Library in Stankovo

The construction of the Chapsky manor complex was completed in the 80s, 19th century. In the architecture of buildings, the style is clearly traced middle ages, the preserved building of the former library is a vivid example of this.

namenie chapskih minsk

Manor in Stankovo ​​from the air

Skarbets is a square building with corner medieval turrets. It consists of 2 floors, the upper tier of which is similar to the skeleton of a castle or collection (reminiscent of temple in Pervomaisk).

Castle Stankovo

The main entrance is decorated with a classic portal. On the second level there is a balcony with a curved railing. It's a shame, but part of the balcony has already collapsed.

Treasury of Chapsky Stankovo

Village Stankovo ​​Belarus

There were archive rooms on each floor. Many rare and unique books, engravings, and paintings were collected in the treasury. It was here that the library, a collection of coins and paintings of the Czapski family was located. Also, collections of weapons, porcelain and many other artifacts were kept here.

usadba chapskih

Stankovo ​​estate Chapsky

How the palace itself looked can be seen in an old photograph from the first half of the 20th century.

What did the Czapsky Palace in Stankovo ​​look like?
photo presumably 1918

What else has been preserved in Stankovo ​​from the Chapskys?

В Stankovo preserved on the territory of the complex part of the brahma and caretaker's house.

Stankovo ​​entrance gate

The building of the barn and the stables underwent a small reconstruction - they were covered with a new roof, they were built of rubble stone in 1897.

Barn in Stankovo
Barn in Stankovo
Stable in Stankovo

Another of the interesting surviving buildings of the estate is eclectic maid's house. The architecture combines elements of the Gothic and Empire styles.

House of servants Stankovo

hoz postroiki stankovo

You should definitely take a walk in the landscape park, which was laid out on the territory of the estate complex. Here you can see several ancient trees.

Landscape park in Stankovo

The shady alleys of the park lead to the lake, where a beautiful view of the St. Nicholas Church.

St. Nicholas Church in Stankovo

On the shore there is a massive gazebo with columns, built at the end of the 19th century.

The attractions of the former Czapski estate do not end there. Not far from the library "Skarbets" there is an unattractive building of a strange shape - these are the remains of water tower.

Water tower in Stankovo

In the background you can see the building of 1900 - this is outbuilding.

Outbuilding in Stankovo

Summer photo:

1900 Stankovo

Interesting fact: in 1930 on the territory homesteads Chapsky made a movie "Dubrovsky».

If you are interested the Chapsky estate with the Skarbnitsa library in Stankovothen look small sightseeing route from Minsk - which contains several more interesting objects nearby.


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