Quite often with the village Pervomaisk there is confusion associated with its historical and Soviet name. Zawisze manor complex appeared in the place Kukhtichi, which was located on the territory where today the agricultural lyceum is located. However village Kukhtichi also exists and was still useful before the construction of the estate (about 4 kilometers north of Pervomaisk). So if you want to see the estate, then you need to go to Pervomaisk.

Outbuilding Zawishey in the village of Pervomaisk

From the estate of the 19th century, which was built by representatives of the Zawisze family, 2 outbuildings, partly a landscape park, a water mill, a stable and some other outbuildings have been preserved.

Kukhtichi right wing

Former manor of Zawisze

The main part of the estate - classical palace, has not reached our days, it can be seen in the picture Napoleon Orda. In form and architecture, it is very similar to the side wings, only larger.

Zawisze Manor
Drawing of the second half of the 19th century

Outbuilding in the village of Kukhtichi

Another interesting object on the territory of the estate - Calvin collection, which Zawiszy used as a family chapel at the beginning of the 19th century.

Calvin collection of Kukhtichi

Later, under Jan Kazimir Zawisz, who was a fairly well-known archaeologist and explorer, representatives of the family were buried in “Uzda pyramid".

Tomb of Zavishey Kukhtichi

It is believed that the construction of the estate was carried out by Kazimir Zawisz, and the last owner was his great-granddaughter - Maria Magdalena. In 1919, she lost the right to reside and own land, after which she left for Switzerland, to the convent of the Dominican Order.

Manor of Zavishy Kukhtichi in the village of Pervomaisk

Below is a picture of the manor house taken before 1929.

What did the palace of Zavish Kukhtichi look like?
roof: Urbanski A. Memento kresowe. Warzawa, 1929

The Zawisze estate was probably rebuilt into a residential building, which is located between 2 outbuildings. There is another version that the building burned down completely, and a new house was already being built on its foundation.

Manor Zawisze, left wing

right wing zavishy photo

Right wing of the estate "Kukhtichi"
2017 photo of the year

Near the right wing a few years ago, an alley and a small museum of tractor equipment.

Museum of Tractor Equipment Pervomaisk

Tractor Museum

In the depths of the park, you can see several more buildings from the Zawisze period.

manor zawishy

What remains of the Zawisze estate

The building of the stable was partially rebuilt and now it is used for the needs of the lyceum.

Heritage of the Zawishes in the village of Kukhtichi

hover stables poshyk.info

Before entering the territory of the former manor complex there is something like a checkpoint, but usually everyone is let through without problems.

If you are in these parts, I also recommend to go to Stankovo.


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