Once upon a Time village Zadvorie was a major Kovalevshchinaknown since the 16th century. Today, little is remembered of this period. Perhaps only a small abandoned manor.

Abandoned estate "Kovalevshchina" in the village of Zadvorye

Abandoned manor in Stolbtsy

The one-story manor house was built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its history is associated with the surname Chulovsky. It's hard to find detailed information. Probably, the Chulovskys were the last owners of the estate, which in Soviet times became boarding school.

Abandoned estate "Kovalevshchina" in the village of Zadvorye in the Stolbtsovsky district

Abandoned estate "Kovalevshchina" in the village of Zadvorye

The house itself is one-story and rather simple, made in classicism architecture. The central place is occupied by a portico on four columns. In many gentry estates of Belarus, such buildings were considered to be just an outbuilding for servants.

Abandoned estate "Kovalevshchina" in the village of Zadvorye

Abandoned manor Zadvorye in Stolbtsy

Despite the modest appearance, the building is strong with thick walls and a solid plinth.

Zadvorie Stolbtsovsky district estate

abandoned basement

In addition to the manor house, some outbuildings have been preserved in Zadvorie. All of them are abandoned and look sad.

Abandoned estate "Kovalevshchina" in the village of Zadvorye

Most of the information on the Internet about this place is associated with a boarding school that has been operating since 1950. At the same time, the construction of massive two and three-story buildings began.

Abandoned school in the village of Zadvorie

Today the school is abandoned, but partially mothballed. At the entrance there are signs prohibiting passage and even cameras. On the website of the Stoltsovsky district, I found information that all these buildings are for sale (there are about 17 of them, including the estate).

Abandoned school in the village of Stolbtsy

On classmates there are curious comments about the school. For example, within the walls of the Kovalevshchina estate itself, there was first a library, and then a food warehouse. After the 90s, there was already an ordinary school here, without a boarding school. The last graduation took place in 2001, then the school in Zadvorie was closed. In 2017, there was a fire, from which several buildings were badly damaged. The former manor house is not an architectural heritage, so it is not worth hoping that it will be restored. Location on the map:

What else to see in this region? In columns - Church of Saint Anna, and a little further is Novy Sverzhen. There preserved Peter and Paul Church of 1588, Assumption Church и synagogue ruins.


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