a small village Rudnya is located in the Volozhin district, Minsk region, between the village of Ivenets and the city of Volozhin. Here, deep in the forests, you can see an unusual attraction - estate Tyszkiewicz "Vyaloe", More precisely, the ruins that remained of it. Getting to this place is not so easy, so the best option is your own transport.

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Good guide - abandoned sanatorium "Forest"who meets everyone who comes to the estate in Rudna. If you saw a tall building with a tower, then you are in the right place.

The history of the Tyszkiewicz estate

Tyszkiewicz laid the foundation for the future estate in the late 30s, 19th century. At that time it was a one-story hunting house, which was used infrequently. Noble landowners spent most of their time in the town pershai. However, after a strong fire that destroyed the wooden building, the son of the count decided to build a brick palace. This is how the history of building begins. farmstead Vyaloye.

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The place for the construction was chosen ideally: on a hill Isloch river, around forests. On a picturesque terrace with an excellent view, a real palace was built in the eclectic architectural style. The project of the estate was carried out by a Swiss architect, and all the work took about 3 years.

What the estate looked like in the village of Rudnya

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Interesting fact: Count Jan Benedikt Tyszkiewicz began to build a second estate for his son. However, this building was not preserved, however, like many other buildings of the Vyaloe estate.

Manor Tyszkiewicz Vyaloe Rudnia

Manor Tyszkiewicz "Vyaloe" in the village of Rudnya

On their possessions, the Tyszkiewicz organized a real menagerie, where deer and even bears were bred. The total area is about 500 hectares. In addition, a real landscape park was created in Rudna with many rare trees and plants. Its formation began in 1851.

Manor Tyszkiewicz

Manor "Vyaloe" in the 20th century

As for many others historical places on the territory of Belarus - The 20th century did not bring anything good. In 1914-1916 Tyszkiewicz leave their estate, and their lands fall under the control of the Polish authorities.

Manor Tyszkiewicz "Vyaloe" in the village of Rudnya

During World War II, Soviet partisans blew up the estate in an attempt to smoke out German soldiers. After the war, the remains of the buildings were dismantled by local residents. The menagerie of Tyszkiewicz for some time became - Vyalovsky State Reserve, but already in 1951 it was closed.

Manor Tyszkiewicz in the village of Rudnya

The ruins that remained of the Tyszkiewicz estate, Soviet climbers from Minsk often used for training. Nobody planned to restore the former estate.

The ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estate Vyaloye

Despite the sad fate of the Vyaloe estate, the place has retained the spirit of history and is quite interesting to visit. Map with sights marked:

I also suggest watching an old review video:

Not far from Rudnya you can see Tomb of the Zhabrovskys in Padnevichi и Church of Pralniki.


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