On the way from Begoml to Zembin you can see two ancient places where once there were rich estates. One was located in the village of Mstizh, belonged to the Slugs, and the second in Dedilovichi, today it is already a village Vorovsky. Let's dwell on the second place in more detail - “manor court Dydolovichi“, owned by Tyszkiewicz. As often happened in our history, the manor house, probably built back in the days of the Slugs, one of the first owners of Dedilovichi, has not been preserved, but outbuildings from the time of Pius Tyszkiewicz and his heirs have partially survived (Palace in Logoisk - his merit).

Abandoned wing of Tyszkiewicz Dedilovichi

The most interesting are the two mirror wings, which have the exact date of construction - 1897. Apparently they also served as a carriage-stable. Between them there was an entrance gate from which the road led to the manor house, which was located a little further in the park.

Stable of Tyszkiewicz Vorovsky

It is curious that the Tyszkiewicz became the actual owners of the estate only in 1908, and before that, apparently, the land was rented from Slizny. There is also other information, according to which, at the beginning of the 18th century, the Dedilovichi were unprofitable, and in order to rectify the situation, Pius Tyszkiewicz was invited, who acted as an anti-crisis manager.

Vorovskogo village, Borisovsky district

Tyszkiewicz estate Dedelovichi

The outbuildings-stables are made of brick and rubble stone, despite the abandoned appearance, they are very well preserved. If desired, they could easily be restored.

Manor Dedilovichi

Walking around the village, you can find other buildings of the late 19th and first half of the 20th century, but their condition is already much worse, with the exception of the old brovar. Like the outbuilding, it was built, or rather rebuilt, in 1897. There is also a mixture of red brick and rubble stone.

Abandoned brovar Tyszkiewicz in the village of Vorovskogo

Abandoned brovar Tyszkiewicz

The Tyshkeviches owned Dedilovichi until 1917, after which the estate was nationalized, and the Vorovsky collective farm was formed on its basis.

Brovar Tyshkevichy

Where was the estate of Tyszkiewicz Dedilovichi

If you want to see these places, then from the P3 highway, drive off to the village of Sobolevka, from where it takes 5 minutes to Vorovsky, below is the point with the location of the place where the estate was:

In these parts, I recommend visiting the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, where you can see many rare birds and animals.


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