В Grodno preserved monument of baroque architecture - homestead the last king of the Commonwealth "Stanislavovo“. The project architect was Giuseppe De Sacco, who managed to establish himself as a reliable Grodno architect. In addition, the construction of the estate is related Anthony Tyzengauz (read about it) Palace in Postavy).

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

Work on the estate complex was completed by 1770. Initially Poniatowski Palace was one-story, with a high two-story central part. On the sides of the house there were 2 outbuildings, a little further outbuildings.

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno
Drawing of Napoleon Orda, mid-19th century. Source: pinakoteka.zascianek.pl

It is known that the last king of the Commonwealth arrived at this estate in 1795. Here, under the care and supervision of Russian dragoons, he abdicated on 25 November.

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

Palace of the Drutsky-Lyubetskys in Grodno

With 1813 year manor Stanislavovo passes to the Grodno governor Francis Xavier Drutsky-Lubetsky (read about Palace of the Drutsky-Lyubetskys in Shchuchin).

Poniatowski Palace

In the middle of the 19th century, the manor-palace was partially rebuilt - the second floor was built on. In the same period, a brick factory began to operate. It is worth noting that under the Drutsky-Lyubetskys the estate flourished.

Manor of the King of the Commonwealth in Grodno

So it was until the spring of 1915, when 2 bombs were dropped on the estate in Grodno. From this period, the decline of the estate complex begins.

Grodno estate

Since 1939, Stanislavovo has been expropriated, and a state farm has been organized on the territory of the complex. In 1953, an agricultural institute began to work within the walls of the estate, which is located here today.

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

In 2007 the manor building was restored. A monument to the Soviet biologist was erected in front of the entrance - Ivan Michurin.

Monument to Ivan Michurin in Grodno

Grodno is one of the richest in sights of the cities of Belarus. If you are planning a tourist trip, then try to allocate time for the most interesting places. For example: Borisoglebskaya church, church and monastery of Brigitte, old lock.

Look options for excursions in Grodno.

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