Polonechka is a very interesting village in the Brest region. Located 120 kilometers from Minsk. Along the way will Mir settlement, villages Small и Bolshie Zhukhovichi. The main attraction of the village is the old Manor of the Radziwills. For many years the building was abandoned, but at the end of 2020 the estate in the village of Polonechka was bought at auction. The deal amounted to about 20 thousand bins. The new owner plans to completely restore the Radziwill Palace. Therefore, I hope that soon the old photos will not be relevant.

Manor of the Radziwills in the village of Polonechka

History and architecture

Polonechka belonged to the Radziwill family since the end of the 17th century. The lands were inherited, but the family house itself began to be built only at the end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th century. According to one version, they began to build by order Matsey Radziwill (famous composer and playwright, author of the opera “Agatka, or the Arrival of Pan”). On the other - Konstantin Radziwill. The exact date of construction has not been preserved in written sources. (sometimes found - 1836)

Homestead in the village of Polonechka

The Radziwill Manor is an architectural monument in the style of classicism. For the model of the palace was taken villa Trivulzino on Lake Coma in Italy.

polonechka radzivilov

polonechka zabroshka

К One-story outbuildings adjoin the two-story palace on the sides. Their condition today is deplorable. 

fligel polonechka

abandoned farmstead

zabroshka v derevne polonechka

Front door decorated tetrahedralE columnsami (germs), at the top of which are sculpturalе imagesя the heads of an ancient Greek hero (partially preserved) or a philosopher.

Polonechka Radziwill Estate

ruins polonechka usadba

Below in the photo you can see the almost symmetrical back of the estate. This entrance was used for the owners of the palace, a park and a terrace were located here.

Homestead in the village of Polonechka

usadba radzivilov

The interior of the Radziwill Palace was quite simple, but tastefully done. Almost nothing has survived from the past motives, only small pieces of the overall picture.

razrushennai usabd radzivillov

Koridor usadba radzivilov

potolok v usadbe radzivilov

Under its first owner, the estate in Polonechka was a cultural center. Celebrities of that time liked to come here. For example, a Russian writer and playwright stayed here Fonvizin.

After the divisions of the Commonwealth, the place lost its former significance and fame. Polonechka received her second heyday when he became the owner of the estate Konstantin Radziwill. By his order, the palace was heavily modified and acquired clear features of the Empire style.

Polonechka village

The palace was surrounded by a park, which was divided into regular (French) and landscape (English). The peculiarity of the first part of the park was originally trimmed trees and shrubs. The landscape one included four terraces that descended to the banks of the Zmeyka River. A sundial was installed in front of the estate, and the central alley led to a wooden chapel-tomb.

vhod v podval usadba

In the 20th century, a boarding school was located here for a long time within the walls of the former estate. Since the late 90s, the building has been empty and is in a dilapidated state.

In Polonechka, next to the palace, it is worth seeing Church of St. George. A little bit farther water mill ruins 1819. Another attraction in this region, which is definitely worth a visit - Trinity Church in Ishkoldye.

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