В Old Sands was once a prosperous and rich family residence Puslovskywho owned these lands for almost 3 centuries. As a reminder of the former greatness of this place, a unique northern gate, with Gothic features of architecture. However, this is not the only interesting monument associated with the Puslovskys in Peski. closer to Lake Black there is a rebuilt homestead, ruins of the western gate and a park complex.

The estate of the Puslovskys in Starye Peski

The building now marked as homestead, was actually stable. In the middle of the 19th century, it was adapted for a manor house, having been slightly rebuilt. “New residence” Franciszek Puslovsky lost its former brilliance. His plans were to rebuild the former family palace (it burned down in 1843), but the initiative was not supported by the heirs, who preferred the Albertine estate.

Manor house of the Puslovskys

The estate of the Puslovskys in Starye Peski
Drawing by Napoleon Orda, as the estate looked like in 1865

The estate in Sands was owned by the Puslovskys until 1939.

Puslovsky's estate in Sands

Today, the former manor has changed significantly, but surprisingly, the sign “Historical Heritage” hangs on the wall of the building. It is difficult to tie in with PVC windows and siding, but here it is.

Estates of Belarus - Starye Peski

Of noteworthy in architecture, it is worth highlighting the portico on four Tuscan columns.

The estate of the Puslovskys in the village of Starye Peski

In Soviet times, a camp site was organized in this building, and a little later a hostel for employees of the distillery JSC "Peskovoe". By the way, the plant itself is located nearby, on the site of the former distillery of the Puslovskys.

Park and gate

On the western side of the estate, the entrance to the estate was framed gate in neo-gothic architecture. In size, it was significantly inferior to its northern neighbor.

Western gate Sands

Western Gate Old Sands

Gate was built of red brick in the middle of the 19th century. It consisted of three parts: 2 service rooms (a kind of gatehouse) and a high arched passage with a neo-Gothic vault.

Ruins in the village of Sands

The passage was blocked when the gate was converted into a shop. If you look closely, you can see the difference in the color of the brick, where the arch should be.

Gate of Puslovsky in Starye Peski

The legacy of the Puslovskys in Belarus

To the right of the ruins of the western gate begins park complex "Sands". It was formed during the first Puslovskys, but unfortunately now the park looks neglected.

Park Complex Sands

It is not difficult to find the estate, at the crossroads near the gate, go right. At the time of my visit (November 2021), the building was empty.

One of the main attractions of Belarus, which is associated with the name of Puslovsky, is the legendary Kossovo castle. Not far from the agricultural town of Peski, you can visit the village of Bezdezh, where an interesting wooden church from 1784 и Trinity Church.

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