In Belarus, wooden architecture is mainly represented by churches and a little less often by churches. But there are also several examples of manor buildings, among which stands out old house in Porozovo. This manor was built in the second half of the 19th century with features of baroque and classicism architectural style.

Manor Butovt-Andreykovich "Bogudenki"

It is believed that the estate was built by order of Tadeusz Butovt-Andreykovich. Representatives of this genus owned several small farms in the region. For example, Maria Magdalena owned Gornostaevichi and Novosad.

Ancient manor in Porozovo

What is interesting, apparently, Butovt-Andreykovichi did not live in Porozovo, perhaps they rented out the estate. In 1937, the Bogudenki estate was bought by the local gmina with a further plan to equip a hospital here. During the war, the inhabitants of Porozovo, who had lost their homes, lived within the walls of the already former estate, a military unit and an infirmary were located right there.

Wooden homestead in Porozovo

In Soviet times, the internal layout of the house was overhauled, a brick boiler room was completed and a hospital was opened, which worked until the early 2000s.

Syadziba Porazava

Then, in 2011, the building got a private owner and the hope that the unique tourist site will get a second chance. However, the miracle did not happen and the wooden architectural monument continued to collapse. In the winter of 2023, the estate was put up for auction again, the starting amount at the auction was $9000.

Porozovo estate

In architectural terms, the Porozovsky estate has no analogues in our country, so it is really important to preserve this object.

The building is rectangular on a high plinth, covered with a complex sloping roof, the total area of ​​which is about 500 square meters. The entrance is distinguished by a portico on 4 columns, above which there is an attic floor, decorated with a carved imitation of a balcony.

Wooden estates of Belarus

Along the edges of the house there are 2 risalits, above which tent towers rise, and on the back side the estate has 3 bay windows.

Porazava village

Manor in Porozovo

In addition to the old manor, a landscape park and outbuildings have been partially preserved on the territory of the complex.

What kind of wooden house in Porozovo

One of the main attractions of Porozovo is located a little far from the historical part, below is a point with a mark on the map:

See also in urban area Church of St. Michael the Archangel и synagogue.


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