Zapolye – it’s kind of like a village in the Pinsk region, but located just a few kilometers from the center Pinsk. In fact, the boundaries of the settlement are blurred, and the conditional village smoothly flows into the outskirts of the city. These places are quite ancient, they are mentioned in chronicle history as far back as 1488 year. Therefore, it is not surprising that there was a noble estate here.

Manor Platerov in Zapolye, Pinsk district

The small manor house that can be seen today is the only reminder of the glorious past. Once Zapolye belonged to Drutsky-Lubetskyfrom which passed Vojtech Puslovsky (his name has a history Old Sands), and then in 1872 to the genus Platerov.

Manor Platerov in Zapolye, Pinsk district

A modest wooden manor house in Zapolye was completed in 1920 year. The building is one-story and compact, shaped like the letter “P”, made at the junction of classicism and neo-baroque architecture.

Wooden manor Platerov

Abandoned estates near Pinsk

The most prominent element in architecture can be safely called a massive Tuscan four-column portico. In addition, it is worth noting the unusual sloping roof of the house.

Ancient estates of Pinsk region

The manor was built around the already formed lime park of the 18th century. Most of the old trees of those times have already been cut down, and the park itself has lost its planning solution.

Ancient park in Pinsk

The last owner of the estate, Marian Stefan Vandalin Plater, owned Zapolye Until 1939 year. Then, in wartime, the German commandant's office was located within the walls of the estate, whose place in the Soviet period was taken by an agricultural technical school, until the 70s.

Manor Platerov Pinsk

Surprisingly, the former estate of the Platers remains residential. There are signs of life in at least one part of the house. You can find this landmark of the city between Lesnaya-Parkovaya-Mirnaya streets, below the mark on the map:

If you are in Pinsk, do not forget to visit Church of the Virgin Mary и Jesuit collegium.


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