The first written mention of the place Opsa belong to the beginning of the 16th century. Since 1676, the neighborhood has been in the possession of the family Tsekhonovichi, under which a Catholic parish was founded and a wooden church was built (they will then erect in its place Church of St. John the Baptist). Broel Plateram Oops, just like Belmont estate, got to 1823 year. Since the representatives of the Platers spent most of their time in Belmont, there were no thoughts about building an estate in Opsa.

Agrotown Opsa

The idea to build a palace came Felix Plater only at the beginning of the 20th century. There were a number of reasons for this, related to problems within the family. To do this, he invited the Lithuanian architect Telezhinsky from Ponevezh (modern Panevezys), who carried out a rather unusual project.

Palace of Platers in the agro-town of Opsa, Belarus

Opsa ancient manor Platerov

The manor in Opse has features of neoclassical architecture. The building is E-shaped building from three parts. The central volume is one-story, highlighted by a portico on two columns.

Portico of the Platerov Manor in the Opsa Manor

On the sides are two-story wings of outbuildings.

Ancient manors of Belarus photo

The entire palace is covered with a complex gable roof, broken in style, originally made of shingles.

Abandoned places in Belarus

It is believed that the palace-estate was completed by 1904 year, but the Platers did not really settle down here, preferring the old Belmont estate to Opsa.

Old photo of Ops in 1925
photo taken around 1925

During World War I, Opsa was occupied by German troops, and a military hospital was placed within the walls of the estate. After the end of the war, Opsa was part of Poland. Felix Plater in 1920 decides to sell the palace.

Manor Platerov Park view

The Poles decided to establish here agricultural school, judging by the old records, quite successful. However, a new misfortune came - the Second World War, the educational institution was closed. The next stage for the former Palace of the Platers will be boarding school for orphans.

The abandoned manor of the Platers in the agro-town of Opsa

Pier in the estate Platerov

In the 80s, the boarding school was moved to another area, and the building remained without an owner for some time. During this time, the building was heavily dilapidated. In addition, internal partitions were demolished, which completely violated the planning solutions designed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Outbuilding of the Platerov estate in Opsa

Outbuilding of the Platerov estate in Opsa

By 2012, there was hope for the revival of this unique attraction. The profile company OOO "Manors and Castles" has developed a project to restore and create a whole tourist complex on the basis of the palace. In 2016, they even received the prestigious Baltic Prix d'Excellence award for their renovation project. However, as often happens in Belarus, the plans remained only on paper, and the implementation is only a dream.

The attic of the Platerov estate in Opsa

Manor Broel-Plater in Ops

Walking through the beautiful territory of the complex, you can also notice other buildings of pan times: an outbuilding, a barn and an icehouse. The locals do not care about the restoration of the former palace, they have everyday and simple affairs.

Icehouse in Ops

Manor Platerov is located a little away from the center of the agricultural town of Opsa. From the main street and the P27, take the exit onto Molodyozhnaya street, the attraction will be on the left, there is a pointer.

In these parts it will be interesting to see a wooden church in the village of Dalekie и Temple in Milyuntsy.

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