Estate Dziedinka (today it is a village Dedino и Siege-Dedino) has been known since the first half of the 16th century as the possession of the Oginskys. In 1647, Dziedinka was sold to Sebastian Mirsky, Braslov Zemstvo judge and owner mior while. Then these lands passed to the representatives of the Platers-Rudomins, but the greatest contribution was made by the Rudnitskys, under whom the classical palace was built.

Abandoned manor Rudnitsky in Osada-Dedino

What the estate looked like in Dedino, Belarus
This is what the house looked like before the war.

By order Alexander Rudnitsky, in 1810 the construction of the Osada-Dedino estate began. The work progressed slowly and was completed only in 1820. The new palace had two floors and the architecture of classicism, fashionable at that time, where a massive portico on four columns occupied the dominant place.

Abandoned estates of Belarus

The old pre-war photograph clearly shows that earlier the second light of the portico was a closed balcony, where most likely there was a living room.

Old photo Siege-Dedino 1930

The estate belonged to the Rudnitskys until 1930, and they lost their lands due to the squandering of the last owner of Dedino - Zygmund Rudnitsky.

The ruins of the estate in the Miory district

Under him, the palace fell into disrepair and gradually fell into disrepair. For some time, before the start of the war, the Vishnevetskys were in charge here, to whom Sigmund sold the family estate.

Manor Rudnitsky in the Miory district

After the end of World War II, the administration of the collective farm with the sonorous name "Lenin's Way" began to work within the walls of the already former estate. By the end of the 80s, the building was no longer used.

Abandoned Palace Siege of Dedino

Manor in the village Siege of Dedino inside in 1930
basement entrance, photo from the 30s

Judging by the planning decisions, there were living rooms on the second floor, and the first one performed administrative and guest functions, servants also lived right there and there was a kitchen. Separately, it is worth mentioning the cellar with beautiful neo-Gothic vaults, which is well preserved today.

Abandoned manor Rudnitsky in Osada-Dedino

Little has survived inside the palace, but there are decorative elements from both the Rudnitsky times and the Soviet period.

Abandoned house in Vitebsk region

In 2010, the estate was put up for auction and even managed to sell. True, the new owner failed to implement the restoration plan. A similar situation happened in 2018. On the Internet, I saw information that the building was sold again in August 2021, for just 29 rubles. The new owner will have a large amount of work to be done in the coming years.

Abandoned manor Rudnitsky in Osada-Dedino

At the entrance to Osada-Dedino there is a small cemetery with a Catholic chapel. Here you can see several old graves. One of them is connected with the ancestors of Biskup Cheslav Sipovichwho was just born in Dedino.

Grave of a priest in Dedino, Miory district

Old graves in Dedino village, Vitebsk region

The estate is located at a distance from the highway connecting Miory and Druyu, the journey here will take about 20 minutes, below is the mark with a dot on the map:

On the way, I advise you to stop by Idolta, where the chapel-tomb of Milose и Church of Our Lady of the Scapular.

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